Letter: Cherokee Schools files official complaint with NCHSAA

by Jan 17, 2013OPINIONS0 comments

To All Cherokee Brave Fans,

Recent developments involving injuries sustained to some of our student-athletes have prompted the Cherokee Central School System to open an investigation in regards to mistreatment and undue bias on behalf of some Smoky Mountain Conference Officials.  Official reports have been filed with the North Carolina High School Athletic Association; thus, initiating the complaint process.

Please be aware that the safety and security of all of our student-athletes is of the utmost importance to the Cherokee Central School System.  It is our goal to provide the safest playing environment for our student-athletes, free of bias and preconceived notions that foster an atmosphere of contempt.  Consequently, we cannot sit idly by if we, as a school system, continue to feel that our student-athletes are being unjustly vilified or mistreated.       In closing, we will continue to protect our student-athletes with diligence, never wavering in our support and dedication to those fortunate enough to call themselves BRAVES!

Thanks for your continued support.



Cherokee Central School System Administration