Thank you Yogi Crowe Scholarship Committee

by Jan 14, 2013OPINIONS0 comments

I wanted to take this time to personally thank the Yogi Crow Scholarship Committee for their gracious scholarship donation.  With this scholarship, some of the financial burden associated by pursuing my graduate degree will be lifted off of my shoulders.  I plan to use the funding from this scholarship to help assist me with my personal finances in the coming month, as I have to take an educational leave of absence from my job in order to finish my graduate degree.  So this scholarship will assist me with this hardship.

Upon graduation, I plan to use my graduate degree by teaching our tribal youth.  I have already been working in the education field for several years now, so I know firsthand as an educator, how one can touch the lives of our youth, and I hope to continue on in this field upon graduation with my Masters degree.  I hope to secure a job in one of our local school systems, where I can serve the needs of our local youth by serving as their teacher and as their mentor, and instilling a sense of pride in each of them, about their heritage and culture, while showing them the importance of education

Again, I want to thank the Yogi Crowe Scholarship Committee for their generous scholarship donation.


Angela Lambert Gunter