Thank you letter to Yogi Crowe Scholarship Committee

by Jan 9, 2013OPINIONS0 comments

I would like to extend my gratitude on my selection for the Richard (Yogi) Crowe Memorial Scholarship for the spring 2013 semester. Not only will this grant will help eliminate stress created by college expenses, it will help me focus solely on my studies in the Masters of Public Administration Program at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. This scholarship is an example of a program that inspired me to get into public administration. Being a recipient of this scholarship I now understand the impact this can have on a students success. It is programs of this kind that I want to ensure exist for future generations.

While I am thankful for the grant itself, I am also grateful for the whole process. I appreciate the fact that the committee has a great interest in each applicant’s goals and aspirations. It was a pleasurable experience meeting each board member, who serves as role models. Not only do I look forward to this process in the future, I’m excited to contribute to it on completion of my degree. Again, I want to thank you again for this opportunity, it has already been a great help to me.



Ashford Smith