Coyote bounty goes into effect Monday, Nov. 19

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Turn In Location:

Fisheries & Wildlife Management Office, 1840 Paint Town Road, Cherokee, NC 28719

Phone – 497-1826 or788-0003

Turn in Time:      7:45am – 12pm and 1-4pm

  1. The bounty is limited to EBCI tribal members and their spouses who possess a valid “Spousal Hunting License” – no exceptions.
  2. Hunting of Coyote for this bounty is limited to EBCI Tribal Lands only.
  3. There will be “No Limit” per hunter and “No closed” season on hunting of Coyote.
  4. A bounty of $25 per carcass will be paid until funds have been fully expended.
  5. No trapping, just shot allowed
  6. Animal can be retained by hunter for the sale of its pelt.


  1. Must complete a (one-time) W9 in order to receive payment
  2. Must have valid photo ID and/or EBCI enrollment Card
  3. Spouses of enrolled members must have a “valid hunting license”
  4. Please allow two weeks to receive payment
  5. Animal must be “Inspected & Marked” by an authorized representative of the EBCI Fisheries & Wildlife Staff.

– EBCI Fisheries & Wildlife Management