Cherokee Indian Hospital spotlight: Radiology Department

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     The mission of the Radiology Department at Cherokee Indian Hospital is to promote the health and well being of the individual, family, and community by providing the highest quality of imaging services. They perform diagnostic radiography, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, Computerized Tomography (CT) , Dexa Scan (bone density), and  Mammography services. In the past 6 years the Radiology Department has switched to digital radiography, installed CT, digital fluoroscopy, upgraded PACS, installed digital mammography and installed Dexa. 

Radiology staff shown (left-right) are Pam Sorrells, Will Lambert, Kim Middleton, Teresa Dillard, Dezara Wolfe and Judy Lambert. (CIH Photo)

     Since the installation of digital mammography, rates have increased 12 percent.  The mammogram can be performed in less time making it much faster for patients to be completed.  With the new digital mammography unit a Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) looks at the images and detects any thing that it feels is abnormal.  The radiologist then reads the images and looks at the any areas that the CAD has marked.  This increase in mammograms rates and improved diagnosis enables the staff to have a greater impact on the community’s health. 

     Several Radiology staff members have worked for the hospital for more than 10 years and have witnessed the growth of the department and rapid advances in imaging technology. These technologists work with some of the most innovative equipment in the medical field to help identify pathologies, plan and administer treatment and restore patient health.  Judy Lambert, Registered Technologist, Radiology, manages the department with a staff of eight which includes:  Dezara Wolfe, Registered Technologist, Radiology; Teresa Dillard, Registered Technologist, Radiology, Computerize Tomography; Enid Price, Registered Technologist, Radiology; Will Lambert, clerk; Rachael Phillips, Registered Technologist, Radiology, Mammography, Computerize Tomography; Pam Sorrells, Registered Technologist, Radiology; Kim Middleton, Registered, Technologist, Radiology, Computerize Tomography; and Kim Argo, Registered Technologist, Radiology. 

     This staff provides 24 hour service 7 days a week.  

     “Our community is fortunate to have such experienced and dedicated technologists,”  said Casey Cooper, CEO of Cherokee Indian Hospital.

     New challenges for the staff in 2012 include the purchase and installation of a Magnetic Residence Imaging (MRI) and install new radiology unit.

     Call Cherokee Indian Hospital 497-9163 ex. 6466 to schedule a Mammography appointment. 

– Cherokee Indian Hospital