Cherokee Boys Club Report – week of June 21

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Wednesday, June 20 – Board of Directors Meeting – 8:30 a.m.

Thursday, June 21 – Safety Committee Meeting – 11:30 a.m.


The following resolutions were presented at the Board Meeting:

Resolution 2495 – Approve Club’s Insurance Carrier for 2012-2013

Resolution 2496 – Approve Club’s Fiscal Year 2013 Budget

Resolution 2497 – Approve Club’s Agreement with USFS for Oconaluftee Job Corps

Resolution 2498 – Approve Agelink to Apply for Cherokee Preservation Foundation Grant

Resolution 2499 – Approve Selection of Agelink Assistant Teachers

Resolution 2500 – Approve Selection of Beck Educational Fund Trustee

Resolution 2501 – Approve Election Rules for 2012 Board of Directors Election

Resolution 2502 – Approve Naming of Shop Classroom

Resolution 2503 – Approve Reclassification of Administration Department employee


     If you are interested in becoming a bus driver, the Club is looking for part-time and temporary bus driver applicants who either have their CDL or are willing to take the training to obtain a CDL.  A bus driver training class will be offered July 10th at the Jackson County Board of Education Building.  If you are interested, please call Allan Oocumma or Albert Arch of the Club’s Bus and Truck Department for more information – 497-9101.


     Remember that Family Support Services has moved their office from Goose Creek Road to the Cherokee Boys Club Campus in Cherokee.  The office is located directly across from the Boys Club’s Garage in the building where the former general manager’s residence used to be.  We urge everyone to keep safety in mind with the increased amount of traffic to this area because of the relocation of this office and the opening of the new DOT facility.


     The Club’s Safety Committee will meet on Thursday, June 21 at 11:30 a.m. at the Club’s Conference Room.  We urge all School, Club and Job Corps safety representatives to attend this meeting. If you have any questions, call Jeannie Arkansas at 497-9101 or e-mail her at


     According to Dale Stewart’s website, he is an explorer, adventurist, conservationist, and educator.  Dale has chosen to follow the Trail of Tears’ Water Route as his next expedition later this month.  He will depart from Ross’ Landing located on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga and will paddle the route 1,226 miles along the Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers to Oklahoma.

     Mr. Stewart is asking sponsors of this journey to donate to the Children’s Home’s construction fund that will go toward the building of a new Children’s Home facility in the Birdtown Community. 

     According to Children’s Home Manager Cris Weatherford, “It is a very exciting opportunity to be involved with Dale Stewart on his journey to Oklahoma.  We were visited by Mr. Stewart and asked if would be willing to allow him to raise money on our behalf during his trip.  We are currently engaged in efforts to fund a much-needed new home for our children.  We accepted his partnership and have remained in contact with him.  The Water Route of the Trail of Tears is a sparsely known fact and should be very challenging to complete.  We would like to wish Mr. Stewart a safe and meaningful journey.”

     If you would like to get involved in Dale Stewart’s adventure visit or  If you would like to make a donation to the Cherokee Children’s Home please visit