JusBoyz running program exceeding expectations

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     The JusBoyz running program has participation that exceeded the expectations of Cherokee Choices. JusBoyz is a running program created by Cherokee Choices to fight Type 2 diabetes and to encourage young boys to develop a love for running. The boys who have participated in the running program since the very first day were extremely excited to take part in the heart pounding activities.

Paulo Sadongei (foreground) and Cecil “P-Nut” Walkingstick run at the Cherokee Central Schools track as part of the JusBoyz running program sponsored by Cherokee Choices. (Photo courtesy of Catcuce Tiger/Cherokee Choices)

     During the school year, the program meets at Cherokee Elementary School on Monday afternoons and at Swain East Elementary on Friday afternoons. The boys are given a healthy light snack that consists of a piece of fruit, a good source of fiber, and a bottle of water. After the snack the boys stretch and perform various agility exercises to warm up and loosen their muscles. Once the boys have finished stretching and warming up they get busy running.

     The JusBoyz Running program has concluded the first successful year with the completion of the Cherokee Choices Mother’s Day 5k. The boys who participated in this first year of the JusBoyz program made great strides towards improving their health and are developing a lifelong love of running. Cherokee Choices is excited for the future of this program and is even more excited about what these young men have accomplished so far in this first year of the program. The boys who participated in JusBoyz have increased their physical wellbeing by fighting Type 2 diabetes and decreased stress by developing a love for physical activity. These boys will hopefully have positive long term health effects from their participation in JusBoyz.

     The JusBoyz program will start back up this September when school resumes for the fall and there will 15 slots available for Cherokee Elementary and 15 slots at Swain East Elementary 3rd through 5th grade.  If you have any questions about JusBoyz or any other Cherokee Choices program contact Catcuce Tiger 497-1977 or catctige@nc-cherokee.com