Cherokee Central Schools names acting Superintendent

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                Cherokee Central Schools has named long-time educator Mike Rogers as the acting Superintendent.  Rogers has previously served as principal of both Cherokee Elementary School and Cherokee Middle School. 

Mike Rogers has been named acting Superintendent for the Cherokee Central Schools. (CCS photo)

              “It is my honor to have been asked to serve as acting Superintendent,” said Rogers.  “If you have questions or concerns regarding Cherokee Central Schools, please feel free to contact me anytime.” 

                Rogers earned a bachelor of science degree in Education from N.C. State University and a master’s degree in Education Administration from Western Carolina University. 

                The One Feather asked Rogers a few questions about his new position:

COF:  For those who don’t know, what capacity have you worked at Cherokee Central Schools for the past four years?

MR:  In the spring of 2009, I retired from Cherokee County Schools after 28 years of service.  Cherokee Central Schools was kind enough to hire me to be the asst. principal for Cherokee High School for the 2009-2010 school year.  The next year, I became principal of Cherokee Elementary School.  For the past two years, I have been principal of Cherokee Middle School.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with the children, staff, parents, and the entire Cherokee community.


COF:  What is your basic philosophy when it comes to education?

MR: My basic philosophy revolves around the idea that all children can learn.  We must make sure that all students learn in a safe and orderly environment and that the family and community are important in the education of all the children attending Cherokee Central Schools.


COF:  Are there any specific educational programs you’d like to implement at Cherokee Central Schools?

MR: In the fall of this year, we identified improving reading as our most pressing need as a school system.  Each of the three schools developed their own program to address this area.  We will continue this effort as we move through the spring and into next year.


COF:  Being named acting Superintendent at the end of the year must be a challenge.  How have your first few weeks been?


MR: I am excited to have the opportunity to serve the students of Cherokee Central Schools in the capacity of Acting Superintendent.  To me, it is about the students and what we all can do to better serve their needs.  My energy comes from the interactions with students, their families, teachers, staff, and anyone wishing to support or work to make our school beyond compare.   The challenges are many, but the rewards can be even greater if we focus on the best education possible for the students of Cherokee Central Schools.


                Rogers can be reached at 554-5089 or