Cherokee Youth Council completes recruitment month

by Mar 15, 2012COMMUNITY sgadugi, Front Page0 comments


     The Cherokee Youth Council has just completed its recruitment month and accepted 14 new members on Tuesday, March 13 from three different high schools.  That brings the total to 36 active members.  “These youth have demonstrated leadership, integrity, determination and commitment to our organization,” said Sky Kanott, Cherokee Youth Council program manager.  “The Cherokee Youth Council offers numerous opportunities to grow and become the young leaders our Tribe needs for the future.”  The current members conducted interviews with the prospective members.  They carried on professional conversations and asked numerous questions in hope to find other committed youth on the Qualla Boundary.  Current members are shown (left-right) including: Maria George, Gadusi Crowe, Sarah Dorr, Jacob Long, Lou Montelongo, Faith Long, Elicio George, Simon Montelongo and Elis George. (Photo by Sky Kanott)