Mrs. Katherine Blythe Sanders is turning 94 this April! Help the family write a book

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Karen Sanders Peterson, Kay Sanders and Faren Sanders Crews (Photo courtesy of Sanders family)

   We would like for you to share a story or memory that you may have of Mrs. Katherine Blythe Sanders!  If she taught you, your children and/or your grandchildren or tales dating back to boarding school, then please share your stories.  There will be notebooks provided at the Qualla Library, Tsali Manor, The BIA Agency, and the Cherokee Indian Hospital for you to write your story in.  We will then put them in a book format for Mrs. Sanders.

     Please take a moment and tell us your story or memory of Mrs. Sanders (Katherine Blythe Sanders) (…the “meanest teacher” there ever was…according to herself).  We would like to give her your stories for her 94th birthday on April 11.  She will be so delighted and thrilled to read your stories about her!

     Many books written about us were written by non-Indians, “IN OUR OWN WORDS…” will be literally OUR stories by OUR revered elder.  Perhaps this will grow into a series of books about our elders, our history and the people that we know, have known and have influenced our lives.

     Please include your name and the date your story happened.

      See Faren Sanders Crews or Robin Swayney for more information.