Qualla Library participates in Read Across America Day

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Reading event held on Dr. Seuss’ Birthday





     Little Miss Cherokee Deliah Esquivel, a 4th grader at Cherokee Elementary, read Dr. Seuss’ There’s No Place Like Space to a group of first graders during an event celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  The event, part of a nationwide event known as Read Across America Day, was held at the Qualla Boundary Public Library on Friday, March 2. 

     “Reading helps build basic communication skills and when children are beginning to learn how to talk this is very important to help build word development,” Robin Swayney, Qualla Library manager, said of the importance of reading to children.  “It also is a great way to spend some one-on- one time with your child. Nothing is better than sharing a good story snuggled up together.”

Little Miss Cherokee Deliah Esquivel (far right) reads Dr. Seuss' "There's No Place Like Space" to a group of Cherokee Elementary School students during a Read Across America event held at the Qualla Library on Friday, March 2. (SCOTT MCKIE B.P./One Feather)

     She went on to say, “I like to tell children that reading is like traveling to other worlds and having great adventures without leaving the comforts of home.  Stories spark the imagination and let you go to fun places.  Dr. Seuss books are classic and the way the words rhyme and read keeps the child interested and makes you feel happy on the inside while teaching children important life lessons. Celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday every year is a way to celebrate and share our love of reading!”

     Community members volunteered to read to the children during Friday’s event at the Qualla Library including:  Benny Graves, Tina Cruz, Jay Eaglemen, Sarah McClellan-Welch, Lois Dunston, Miss Cherokee Kristie Hyatt, Officer David Valez, Officer Carla Nadeau, Ranger Julie Townsend, Ray Kinsland, Dawn Russell, Little Miss Cherokee Deliah Esquivel, Stephanie French, Eason Esquivel, Travis Ledford and Melissa Groenewold.


Sarah McClellan-Welch, EBCI Cooperative Extension, reads to a group of students from the New Kituwah Academy during Friday's event.

    The Qualla Library was just one of thousands of sites across the country participating in “Read Across America Day” as established by the National Education Association. 

     Gov. Beverly Perdue officially proclaimed the day as “Read Across America Day” in North Carolina.  Several high-ranking members of her cabinet were scheduled to read at schools across the state. 

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