Fraudulent sales marring CHS orange fundraiser

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            The seniors at Cherokee High School have been selling oranges to raise funds for their senior trip.  Seems simple enough, right? 

            Well, a few in the community have taken advantage of the orange sale as an opportunity to run a scam. 

            A source to the One Feather, who wished to remain anonymous, related that two individuals, representing themselves as CHS students, approached her to buy oranges for the fundraiser. 

            The source was told by the individuals that they couldn’t take a check, only cash, so the source paid for two boxes of oranges in cash.  Only problem was that the source later learned the two individuals were not students at all, just two people pulling a scam. 

            “Cherokee Central Schools has been made aware of the issue,” said Yona Wade, CCS public relations.  “If any of our students are found to be at fault, CHS will do everything in its power to correct the situation.”

            Wade related that orange sales have been over for several weeks.  “If anyone is approached regarding the purchasing of oranges for CHS, they should contact the authorities.  However, CHS has purchased additional boxes which will be on sale at Cherokee High School.  Those boxes are on a first come basis and it may be best if they called ahead just to make sure we haven’t sold those remaining boxes.” 

            Cherokee Chief of Police Ben Reed said his department is aware of the situation and it is currently under investigation.