Healing and Wellness Coalition hosting Winter Solstice celebration

by Dec 1, 2011Happenings0 comments

     The Healing and Wellness Coalition is hosting the Wellbriety Winter Solstice celebration Thursday, Dec. 22 at 5:30pm at Birdtown Community Building.  Please bring something to be shared for the potluck meal. 

     The event will honor the late Beverly Griffin who brought the Wellbriety movement to Cherokee and worked tirelessly for many years promoting it and initiating events at the changing of the seasons each year.  The event also celebrates those who are in recovery and supports those working for healing and wellness. 

     Wellbriety is sobriety combined with wellness, a balance of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of our lives.  The Wellbriety program developed by Don Coyhis with White Bison incorporates the 12 steps of AA in a circle to conform with Native American beliefs that everything is connected. 

     Info: David Lambert 586-2924 or longhairdave@hotmail.com.    

– Healing and Wellness Coalition