Seven Clans Grant Council to give youth-based grants

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                The Cherokee Youth Council (CYC) recently established the Seven Clans Grant Council (SCGC) that will give small grants that will benefit the youth of the Qualla Boundary. 

                “This will be the kids way of giving back to the community,” said Sky Kanott, CYC program manager.  “The kids came up with the name, and the kids came up with the application.” 

                The SCGC will be a part of the North Carolina Youth Giving Network. 

                Kanott related that the applications for the first round of grants are due Monday, Dec. 12.  Grants will range from $100 – $1,000 and must benefit children on the Qualla Boundary.

                “It has to do with the youth,” she said relating that the SCGC is made up of 15 youth at the moment.  “It’s about the youth.  Right now, we’re working with Leading to Change which is a program that helps the Youth Giving Network.” 

                The SCGC members chose several areas that they wish to target with the grants including: suicide prevention, drug and alcohol addiction, poverty, and illnesses such as diabetes and cancer. 

                The CYC was established in 2007 by the Cherokee Preservation Foundation. 

                Grant applications may be picked up at the EBCI Cooperative Extension offices at 876 Acquoni Road.  For more information on the grants, the CYC or the SCGC, contact Sky Kanott 554-6938 or