CHS starts American Indian Business Leaders chapter

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CHS AIBL club (left-right) back row - Dylan Saunooke, Sunshine Grant, Kyndra Wiggins, Zach Strong, Francisco Javier, Elle Bradley, Isaiah Saunooke and Devyn Smith; front row - Chicoah Ledford and Harmony Burgess. (Photo by Sharon Bradley/CHS)





     Students from Cherokee High met on Monday, Oct. 17 to form their first American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL) organization.  The organization is sponsored by the Business Education department, Sharon Bradley instructor. 

     “The American Indian Business Leaders is a student-based organization designed to promote and support the American Indian business student and/or entrepreneur,” states information from AIBL.  “Future trends dictate a rising need for educated American Indian people to assist with tribal economic development planning and strategic implementation.  AIBL’s primary focus is to use its student foundation to assist tribal economic growth and stability through and emphasis in maintaining culturally appropriate American Indian business development.  AIBL’s college programs are geared toward tribal college and university students and is specifically geared for student’s going on to participate in a master’s of business administration (MBA) program.”

     “AIBL student chapters are designed to provide peer support, leadership training, career guidance, business networking connections, and internship placement opportunities.  Student chapters provide an “extended-family” support system to help students facilitate the transition of being away from home while attending school.” 

     At the first meeting students elected their officers and discussed projects they would like to work on.  The officers are President – Harmony Burgess, Vice-President – Chicoah Ledford, Secretary-Treasurer –  Elle Bradley, Hospitality – Kyndra Wiggins and Zach Strong and Public Relations – Devyn Smith and Francisco Javier.