2011 Cherokee Indian Fair Arts & Crafts Awards (Qualla Arts & Crafts list)

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Note:  The following awards were sponsored by the Qualla Arts & Crafts Mutual, Inc. and are separate categories and awards from the list ran in last week’s One Feather.  The prize money was paid by EBCI Travel & Tourism.


Adult Division

Traditional Cherokee Unglazed Potter: 1st – Amanda Sequoyah Swimmer

Modern Pottery: 1st – Melissa Maney, 2nd – John W. Grant, 3rd – Tara McCoy

Old Style Cherokee Pottery: 1st – Treva H. Reed, 2nd – Mary W. Thompson, 3rd – Lucy Dean Reed

Miniature Pottery (4” or less): 1st – Mary W. Thompson, 2nd – Tara McCoy, 3rd – Darrin Bark

Two Large Wood Carvings: 1st – Joshua Adams, 2nd – Joshua Adams, 3rd – Ray McCoy

Five Small Wood Carvings: 1st – Allen Blue Welch, 2nd – Luther Goings, 3rd – Joshua Adams

Three Stone Carvings: 1st – Ray McCoy, 2nd – John Grant, 3rd – John Ed Walkingstick

Three Masks: 1st – Joshua Adams, 2nd – Owen Kenneth Walkingstick, 3rd – John Ed Walkingstick

Hand Carved Bowl: 1st – Jack Ray Blankenship, 2nd – Dwayne A. Wiggins

Two Wooden Utensils: 2nd – Reuben Teesatuskie

Blowgun w/six darts: 1st – Robyn Lynn Locust, 2nd – John Ed Walkingstick, 3rd – George E. Goings, Jr.

Bow w/two arrows: 1st – Thomas Kelly Myers, II, 2nd – Stan Tooni, 3rd – John Ed Walkingstick

Pair of Ballsticks: 1st – Clement Calhoun, 2nd – Joshua Squirrell, 3rd – Jesse Toineeta

Mounted Arrowhead Collection: 1st – William E. Swimmer, 2nd – Davy M. Arch, 3rd – George E. Goings, Jr.

Wood Turning: 1st – Holt Palmer, Jr., 2nd – Evelyn Locust, 3rd – James William Locust

Wood Burning: 1st – Thomas G. Driver, Sr.

Carved Basket Handles: 1st – Charles A. Welch, 2nd – Moses Oocumma

Cloth Indian Dolls: 1st – Elsie Addiline Wolfe Rattler, 2nd – Olga G. Tahquette

Soft Sculptured Dolls: 1st – Mildred Queen, 2nd – Stacy B. Wallace, 3rd – Mildred Queen

Cornhusk Dolls: 1st – Mary Ella Crowe

Wooden Dolls: 1st – Benjamin F. Groenewold, II

Fingerweaving: 1st – Olga G. Tahquette, 2nd – Karen Lynn George, 3rd – Lori A. Reed

Weaponry (three): 1st – Richard Saunooke, 2nd – Raymond Teesatuskie, 3rd – George E. Goings, Jr.

Double Woven River Cane Baskets: 1st – Geraldine Walkingstick, 2nd – Tsalidi Sequoyah

White Oak Baskets: 1st – Maidena W. Wildcatt, 2nd – Bessie Welch, 3rd – Patricia T. Welch

Maple Baskets: 1st – Eva T. Reed

Honeysuckle Vine Baskets: 1st – Stacy Rogers

Ribbed Baskets: 1st – Dinah W. Crowe, 2nd – Mary H. James, 3rd – Annie W. James

Pine Needle Baskets: 1st – Nancy C. Hornbuckle, 2nd – Rosalee L. Robinson

Set of five Trays: 1st – Shirley A. Taylor, 2nd – Martha Wolfe, 3rd – Annie W. James

Display of Wall Mats: 1st – James W. Long, 2nd – Mary Thompson, 3rd – Agnes Welch

Mini Double Weave River Cane: 2nd – Mary Thompson

Mini River Cane Baskets: 1st – Mary Thompson

Mini White Oak Baskets: 1st – George E. Goings, 2nd – Christina Locust Goings, 3rd – Timothy Leroy Rattler

Mini Maple Baskets: 1st – Christina Locust Goings, 2nd – George E. Goings, 3rd – Christina Locust Goings

Mini Honeysuckle Vine Baskets: 1st – Marian L. Wolfe, 2nd – Ollie L. Bigwitch, 3rd – Agnes Welch

Mini Ribbed Baskets: 2nd – Dianah Nora Crowe

Basket Dyes: 1st – James A. Tooni, 2nd – Mary H. James, 3rd – George E. Goings, Jr.

Dance Rattles: 1st – Debra M. Locust, 2nd – Jacquelyn Johnson, 3rd – Davy Arch

Indian Flutes: 1st – James William Locust

Drums: 1st – Mickey Edward Rattler, 2nd – Mickey Edward Rattler, 3rd – Richard Saunooke

Pony Beads: 1st – Dorine Renea Reed, 2nd – Kim Bottchenbaugh, 3rd – Mary H. James

Seed Beads: 1st – Wendy Logan, 2nd – Joseph Wesley Toineeta, 3rd – Sharon C. McCoy

Hex Beads: 1st – Alyne Stamper, 2nd – Wendy Logan, 3rd – Mary H. James

Cut Beads: 1st – Zhana Michelle Wolfe, 2nd – Ellie Mae Maney, 3rd – Wendy Logan

18” Painting: 1st – Lawanda B. Nations, 2nd – John Lewis Bradley, 3rd – William Harris, Jr.

Pen and Ink Drawing: 1st – Landon S. Crow, 2nd – Michael David Armachain

Pencil/Pastel Drawing: 1st – Landon Crow, 2nd – Manuel Hernandez, 2nd – Robert Groenewold, 3rd – Richard David Welch

Open Division: 1st – Jacquelyn Johnson, 2nd – Stephanie Maney, 3rd – James Robert Squirrell

Best of Show: 1st – Maidena Wildcatt, 2nd – Joshua Adams, 3rd – William Swimmer


Young Adult Division

Wood Carvings: 1st – Dylan Thompson, 2nd – Octavio D. Rivera, 3rd – Edmond French

Weaponry: 1st – Isaiah Storm Gilchrist-Myers

River Cane Baskets: 1st – Megan Leigh Stamper

Maple Baskets: 2nd – Lauren C. Goings

White Oak Baskets: 1st – Lauren C. Goings, 2nd – Madison Crowe, 3rd – Raven Dawn Maney

Seed Beads: 1st – Shakyra Bottchenbaugh, 2nd – Dillon Stamper, 3rd – Alexis McCoy

Hex Beads: 1st – Shakyra Bottchenbaugh, 2nd – Danielle Toineeta, 3rd – Jarrett Wildcatt

Pottery: 1st – Gabriel Thor Crow, 2nd – Kaitlyn Brooke Parker

Drawings/Pastel: 1st – Tagan Crowe, 2nd – Tagan Crowe, 3rd – Tagan Crowe

Paintings: 1st – Tagan Crowe

Open Division: 3rd – Gabriel Thor Crowe

Best of Show: 1st – Megan Stamper, 2nd – Dylan Thompson, 3rd – Shakyra Bottchenbaugh


Youth Division

Weaponry: 2nd – Xavier Locust

Pottery: 1st – Carl Ray McCoy, 2nd – Toby McCoy, 3rd – Xavier Locust

White Oak Baskets: 1st – Lauren Alexis Luther, 2nd – Kalista Amelia Luther, 3rd – Winona Gabrielle George

Pony Beads: 1st – Elijah Thomas Maney, 2nd – Isaiah R. Armachain, 3rd – Rhyan Janeese Girty

Seed Beads: 1st – Johnny Bradley, 2nd – Donald Bradley, 3rd – Moira George

Fingerweaving: 1st – Lilyan C. Wright, 2nd – Lilyan C. Wright, 3rd – Lilyan C. Wright

Drawing/Pastel: 1st – Allen Seth Ledford, 2nd – Shane Swimmer, 3rd – Toby McCoy

Painting: 2nd – Katherine Abra Armachain

Open Division: 1st – Devy Rae George, 2nd – Alannah Tushka, 3rd – Latika French

Best of Show: 1st – Elijah Maney, 2nd – Lauren Luther, 3rd – Carl Ray McCoy