2011 Cherokee Indian Fair Prize List

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Community Club Booths

1st – Big Cove

2nd – Birdtown

3rd – Snowbird

4th – Painttown

5th – Big Y

6th – Yellowhill

7th – Cherokee County


Adult Exhibits

Canning & Food Preservation

8-jar canning: 1st (Best of Show) – Janet Walkingstick, 2nd – Nancy Brown

Jam and Fruit Butters: 1st – Janet Walkingstick, 2nd – Mary Thompson

Pickle and Relish: 2nd – Nancy Brown, 3rd – Jesse Dover

Traditional Foods: 1st – Mary Thompson

Dried Food Collection: 1st – Tamara Thompson, 2nd – Mary Thompson, 3rd – Janice Foltz

Best Traditional Food: 1st – Janet Walkingstick, 2nd – Jason Sneed



Sewing – 1700s era: 1st – Richard Saunooke, 2nd – Frances Maney, 3rd – Kim Bottchenbaugh

Sewing – 1800s era: 1st – Richard Saunooke, 2nd – Becky Walker, 3rd – Stephanie Maney

Pucker-toe Mocs: 1st – Richard Saunooke, 2nd – Kim Bottchenbaugh

Ribbon Shirt: 1st – Bessie Wallace, 2nd – Frances Maney

Tear Dress: 1st – Lillie Diane Driver

Dance Shawl: 1st – Frances Maney, 2nd – Stephanie Maney

Mocs (non-beaded): 1st – Richard Saunooke, 2nd – Sharon McCoy

Sewing: other sewn item: 1st – Janice Foltz, 2nd – Elsie Rattler, 3rd – Frances Maney



Afghan Crochet: 1st – Vivian McCullough, 2nd – Jacquelyn Raby, 3rd – Faye Queen

Afghan Knitted: 1st – Radonna Crowe

Quilt pieced: 1st – Janice D. Smith, 2nd – Agnes Welch

Quilt appliquéd: 1st – Edna Hornbuckle

Quilt hand pieced: 1st – Lillie Bird

Quilt baby: 1st – Lillie Bird

Quilt baby, tacked: 1st – Martha Stevens Young

Quilt (other): 1st – Bessie Wallace, 2nd – Norma Craig

Baby Afghan: 1st – Lillie Bradley, 2nd – Candace Crowe, 3rd – Vivian McCullough

Baby Clothes: 1st – Jane Wolfe, 2nd – Edna Hornbuckle, 3rd – Lillie Bradley

Sweaters – 1st – Jane Wolfe

Scarf: 1st – James Bradley, 2nd – Radonna Crowe, 3rd – Tina Bowers

Other knit: 1st – Radonna Crowe

Crochet (other): 1st – Jane Wolfe, 2nd – Radonna Crowe, 3rd – Gertrude Fann

Pillow Case: 1st – Bessie Wallace, 2nd – Doris Catt, 3rd – Valerie Wolfe

Embroidery: 1st – Edna Hornbuckle, 2nd – Bessie Wallace

Needlework (other): 1st  (Best of Show) – Jane Wolfe, 2nd – Bessie Wallace, 3rd – Edna Hornbuckle



Stuffed Toy: 1st – Bessie Wallace, 2nd – Elsie Rattler

Dried Flower: 1st – Janie Foltz

Wildflowers: 1st – Nancy Brown, 2nd – Judith Smith, 3rd – Janet Walkingstick

Garden flower arrangement: 1st – Nancy Brown, 2nd – Janice Foltz

Decorated gourd, painted: 1st – Nancy Brown

Decorated gourd, other: 1st – Barbara Ammons

Beaded Item: 1st – Amy Walker, 2nd – Sharon McCoy, 3rd – William Tushka

Pencil Drawing: 1st – Thomas Driver, 2nd – Takeshi Royce Cruz

Pen and Ink Drawing: 1st – Gertrude Fann

Painting, other: 1st – Takeshi Royce Cruz

Woodworking, any: 1st – Nancy Brown, 2nd – Holt Palmer, 3rd – Bessie Welch

Ceramic: 1st – Gertrude Fann

Scrapbook: 1st – Robert Gloyce, 2nd – Tammy Cagle, 3rd – Tamara Thompson

Traditional Basket: 1st – Geraldine Walkingstick, 2nd – Stacy Rogers, 3rd – Annie James

Contemporary Basket: 1st (Best of Show) – Geraldine Walkingstick

Hobby (other): 1st – Jim Long, 2nd – Amy Walker, 3rd – Agnes Reed

Hobby (reflect theme): 1st – Nancy Brown, 2nd – Jim Long, 3rd – Agnes Reed



Cherokee Nature Photo: 1st – Tamara Thompson, 2nd – John Allison, 3rd – Gil Jackson

Cherokee Places Photo: 1st – John Allison, 2nd – Angela Gunter, 3rd – Kristy Maney

Cherokee Faces Photo: 1st – Consuela Blankenship Girty, 2nd – Chris McCoy, 3rd – Jennifer Martens

Other Photo: 1st – John Allison, 2nd – Angela Gunter, 3rd – Kirsty Ensley

3 Photos Telling a Story: 1st – Trudy Crowe, 2nd – Chris McCoy, 3rd – Ellen Crowe

Reflecting the Fair Theme Photo: 1st (Best of Show) – John Allison, 2nd – Robin Swayney, 3rd – Natasha Maney



Indian Corn: 1st – Loleta Sequoyah, 2nd – Roy Lambert, 3rd – Reva Ballew

Indian Flour Corn (Yellow): 1st – Roy Lambert, 2nd Roy Lambert

Indian Flour Corn (White): 1st – Roy Lambert, 2nd – James Walkingstick

Indian Flour Corn (other): 1st – Ralph Burgess, 2nd – Roy Lambert

Field Corn (White): 1st – Jayson Sneed

Field Corn (Yellow): 1st – Nancy Brown, Maxine Burgess

Field Corn (other): 1st – Roy Lambert

Popcorn: 1st – Roy Lambert

Indian Beans, October:  1st – Roy Lambert

Butterbeans: 1st (Best of Show) – Roy Lambert, 2nd – Elsie Rattler

Butter and October beans: 1st – John Davis Arch Jr., 2nd – Roy Lambert

Other Traditional Type bean: 1st – Roy Lambert

Honey 3 jars w/o comb: 1st – Janice Foltz, 2nd – Melba Haigler

Honey 3 jars w/comb: 1st – John Haigler, 2nd – Janice Foltz

Corn Beads: 1st – Roy Lambert, 2nd – Micky Rattler, 3rd – Loleta Sequoyah

Herb Display: 1st – Cherokee Historical

White Irish Potatoes: 1st – Roy Lambert, 2nd – Amy Walker

Candy Roaster: 1st – Cherokee Historical

Largest Candy Roaster: 1st – Roy Lambert

Cushaw, orange or green stripe: 1st – Ralph Burgess, 2nd – Roy Lambert

Other Winter Squash: 1st – Gerard Ball

Largest Pumpkin: 1st – Maxine Burgess, 2nd – James Taylor, 3rd – Sharon McCoy

Ugliest Pumpkin: 1st – Sharon Bradley

Painted Pumpkin: 1st – Mary James

Other Pumpkin: 1st – Reva Ballew

Gourds in Basket: 1st – John David Arch, Jr., 2nd – Reva Ballew

Birdhouse Gourd: 1st – Sharon Bradley, 2nd – James Lossiah

Dipper Gourd: 1st – James Lossiah

Other Gourd: 1st – Mary James, 2nd – Sharon Bradley, 3rd – James Lossiah

Largest Gourd: 1st – Trudy Crowe, 2nd – Sharon Bradley

Largest Sunflower: 1st – Janice Foltz, 2nd – Ruth Lossiah

Traditional Crop: 1st – Cherokee Historical

Unusual Vegetable: 1st – Joan Henry, 2nd – Roy Lambert, 3rd – James Lossiah

Chief’s Family Garden Project: 1st – Carroll Crowe, Jr. and Arlyce Watkins


Baked Goods

Bean Bread: 1st – Agnes Welch

Chestnut Bread: 1st – Bessie Welch, 2nd – Matilda Calhoun, 3rd – Elsie Rattler

Sweet Potato: 1st (Best of Show) – Agnes Welch, 2nd – Lilly Bradley

Yeast Rolls: 1st – Sharon McCoy

Breads (other): 1st – Bessie Wallace, 2nd – Annette Fish, 3rd – Camaleta Monteith

Pound Cake: 1st – Mary Jo Taylor, 2nd – Martha Wolfe, 3rd – Janet Walkingstick

Stack Cake: 1st – Bessie Welch

Apple Cake: 1st – Brittney Rogers, 2nd – Debra Slee, 3rd – Janice Foltz

Cake (other): 1st – Tamara Sampson, 2nd – Renee Cole, 3rd – Bessie Wallace

Apple Pie: 1st – Agnes Reed, 2nd – Elsie Rattler, 3rd – Doris Smith

Fruit Cobbler: 1st – Bessie Wallace, 2nd – Doris Smith

Peach Pie: 1st – Doris Smith

Pecan Pie: 1st – Norma Craig

Pumpkin Pie: 1st – Agnes Reed, 2nd – Doris Smith

Diabetic Cooking: 1st – Janet Walkingstick, 2nd – Bessie Wallace


Youth Exhibits

Canning & Food Preservation

Any Canned Food: 1st – Brandon Wolfe, 2nd – Jalen Motola, 3rd – Tehya Littlejohn

Any Dried Food: 1st – Jalen Motola


Baked Goods

Cookies: 1st – Tehya Littlejohn, 2nd – Bessie Swayney, 3rd – Aiyana Cruz

Baked Goods (Other): 1st (Best of Show) – Drew Johnson

Muffins: 1st – Chayton Cruz, 2nd – Aiyana Cruz, 3rd – Drew Johnson

Bean Bread: 1st – Jalen Motola, 2nd – Woodrow Wilson Lossie, 3rd – Tsali Welch

Chestnut Bread: 1st – Bessie Swayney, 2nd – Jalen Motola

Decorated Baked Good: 1st – Lillie Anne Ferguson, 2nd – Chayton Cruz, 3rd – Aiyana Cruz

Diabetic Food: 1st – Chayton Cruz, 2nd – Aiyana Cruz


Other Items

Any other item: 1st – Logan Beadley, 2nd – Riley Crowe, 3rd – Idalis Crowe

Any other crotched item: 1st – Alannah Tushka



Pottery: 1st – Toby McCoy, 2nd – Xavier Locust, 3rd – Tehya Littlejohn

Basketry: 1st  (Best of Show) – Priest Eli Littlejohn, 2nd – Cameron Reed, 3rd – Braylon Arch

Weaving: 1st – Drew Johnson

Painting, Watercolor: 1st – Lillie Ferguson

Painting, Acrylic: 1st – Haley Smith, 2nd – Katherine Armachain, 3rd – Tsali Welch

Painting, Any other: 1st – Connor McCoy, 2nd – Haley Smith, 3rd – Tehya Littlejohn

Drawing, Lead Pencil: 1st – Drew Johnson, 2nd – Chayton Cruz, 3rd – Dasan Gross

Drawing, Colored Pencil: 1st – Tihjah Lossiah, 2nd – Haley Smith, 3rd – Shane Swimmer

Drawing, Pen and Ink: 1st – Drew Johnson

Drawing, other: 1st – Haley Smith, 2nd – Elias Watkins, 3rd – Aiyanna Cruz

Beading, Jewelry: 1st – John Crowe, 2nd – Acacai Reed, 3rd – Mykel Tai Saluli-Lossiah

Beading, other: 1st – Ayden Thompson, 2nd – Connor McCoy, 3rd – Riley Crowe

Stonecarving: 1st – Connor McCoy, 2nd – Cameron Reed, 3rd – Tetan Reed-Littlejohn

Recycled Craft: 1st – Dasan Gross, 2nd – Xavier Locust, 3rd – Katherine Armachain

Going Green: 1st – Winston Welch

Doll: 1st – Lucina Lynn Lira, 2nd – Ayden Thompson, 3rd – Riley Crowe

Tie-Dyed Item: 1st – Katherine Armachain, 2nd – Nicholas Cole, 3rd – Tsali Welch

Scrapbook: 1st – Lindley Grace Wyatt

Jewelry: 1st – Braylon Arch

Other hobby: 1st – Isaiah Armachain, 2nd – John Crowe, 3rd – Nicholas Wolfe

Reflecting the Theme: 1st – Haley Smith, 2nd – Tetan Reed-Littlejohn, 3rd – Camryn Renee-Kazhe



Cherokee Nature Photo: 1st – Brandon Wolfe, 2nd – Bessie Swayney

Cherokee Faces: 1st – Milli Bryson, 2nd – Bessie Swayney, 3rd – Alannah Tushka

Other Photography: 1st – Bessie Swayney, 2nd – Brandon Wolfe, 3rd – Milli Bryson

Photography Telling a Story: 1st – Riley Crowe



Indian Flour Corn (White): 1st – Lorenzo Ramirez

White Field Corn: 1st – Jalen Motola

Corn Beads: 1st – Anna Cabe, 2nd – Lidia Ramirez, 3rd – Lorenzo Ramirez

White Irish Potatoes: 1st – Isaiah Armachian, 2nd – Donald Joseph Bradley

Red Potatoes: 1st – Anna Cabe, 2nd – Jalen Motola, 3rd – Johnny Lee Bradley

Candy Roaster: 1st – Katherine Armachain

Winter Squash: 1st – Skylar Ball, 2nd – Alverta Henson

Largest Pumpkin: 1st – Carl Ray McCoy, 2nd – Braylon Arch, 3rd – Samantha Cole

Ugliest Pumpkin: 1st – Nicholas Cole, 2nd – Braylon Arch, 3rd – Amiya Jo George

Painted Pumpkin: 1st – Johnny Lee Bradley, 2nd – Isaiah Armachain, 3rd – Brandon Wolfe

Other Pumpkin: 1st – Abbie Ball, 2nd – Samantha Cole, 3rd – Lindley Grace Wyatt

Ornamental Gourd: 1st – Braylon Arch, 2nd – Isaiah Armachain, 3rd – Abbie Ball

Birdhouse Gourd: 1st – Isaiah Armachain

Dipper Gourds: 1st – Lidia Ramirez

Largest Gourd: 1st – Katherine Armachain, 2nd – Savian Davis

Largest Sunflower: 1st – Isaiah Armachain, 2nd – Lidia Ramirez, 3rd – Jalen Motola

Any Traditional Cherokee Crop: 1st – Aiyanna Cruz, 2nd – Isaiah Armachain, 3rd – Tsali Welch

Unusual Vegetable: 1st  (Best of Show) – 1st – Jalen Motola, 2nd – Katherine Armachain, 3rd – Chayton Cruz

Traditional 3 to 5 Crops: 1st – Jalen Motola, 2nd – Tsali Welch

Chief’s Family Garden Project: 1st – Milli Bryson, 2nd – Dasan Gross



Other Sewn Item: 1st – Logan Bradley, 2nd – Riley Crowe, 3rd – Idalis Crowe

Other Crocheted Item: 1st – Alannah Tushka


Flower Arrangement

Flower Arrangement: 1st – Bessie Swayney, 2nd – Brandon Wolfe


Young Adult Exhibits

Canning & Food Preservation

Any Canned Food: 1st – Travis Hicks, 2nd – Madeline Welch, 3rd – Amorie Gunter


Baked Goods

Cookies: 1st – Kaitlyn Parker, 2nd – Ashley Crowe, 3rd – Roxanne Parker

Fudge: 1st – Jeremy Parker, 2nd – Carmen Johnson, 3rd – Madeline Welch

Muffins: 1st – Kaitlyn Parker

Bean Bread: 1st – Madeline Welch

Chestnut Bread: 1st – Ashley Crowe

Sweet Potato Bread: 1st – Carmen Johnson

Decorated Baked Good: 1st – Ashley Bradley, 2nd – Jeremy Parker

Diabetic Food: 1st – Roxanne Parker, 2nd – Jeremy Parker

Other Baked Good: 1st (Best of Show) – Jeremy Parker, 2nd – Roxanne Parker, 3rd – Kaitlyn Parker



Any Other Sewn Item: 1st – Madison Crowe, 2nd – Ashley Bradley, 3rd – Christian Driver



Pottery: 1st – Tagan Crowe, 2nd – Lelita Driver

Basketry: 1st – Ashley Bryson

Weaving: 1st – Faith Long

Painting, Watercolor: 1st – Kristen Driver and Corey Owle

Oil: 1st (Best of Show) – Tagan Crowe, 2nd – Dora Crowe

Acrylic: 1st – A. Ryver Gunter

Painting, any other: 1st – Tagan Crowe

Lead Pencil Drawing: 1st – Madalene Welch, 2nd – Hannah Ledford, 3rd – Jacob Long

Colored Pencil Drawing: 1st – Hannah Ledford

Other Drawing: 1st – Kristen Driver

Beading Jewelry: 1st – Ashley Bryson, 2nd – Kayla Johnson

Other Beading: 1st – Dora Crowe

Stone Carving: 1st – Letitia Driver

Woodworking, any: 1st – Letitia Driver

Recycled Craft: 1st – Matti Sneed

Poetry: 1st – Madalene Welch

Scrapbook: 1st – Christian Driver

Tie-Dyed Item: 1st – Kristen Driver, 2nd – Alexa Armachain, 3rd – Amorie Gunter

Jewelry: 1st – Ashley Bryson, 2nd – Kayla Johnson

Other Hobby: 1st – Dora Crowe, 2nd – Ashley Bryson, 3rd – Tohisgi Climingbear

Reflecting the Theme: 1st – Estella Millsaps, 2nd – Letitia Driver



Cherokee Nature: 1st – Hannah Ledford, 2nd – Ashley Crowe

Cherokee Places: 1st – Ashley Crowe

Cherokee Faces: 1st – Ashley Crowe, 2nd – Amorie Gunter, 3rd – Letitia Driver

Other Photography: 1st – Matti Sneed, 2nd – Kayla Johnson, 3rd – Letitia Driver

Storytelling: 1st – Kayla Johnson



Popcorn: 1st (Best of Show) – Josh Taylor

Corn Beads: 1st – Franeisco Javier

White Irish Potatoes: 1st – Alexa Armachain

Candy Roaster: 1st – Health and Medical Division

Largest Candy Roaster: 1st – Health and Medical Division

Other Winter Squash: 1st – Health and Medical Division

Largest Pumpkin: 1st – Health and Medical Division

Ugliest Pumpkin: 1st – Tagan Crowe

Painted Pumpkin: 1st – Chanice Taylor, 2nd – Cameron Wolfe, 3rd – Alexa Armachain

Ornamental Gourds: 1st – Josh Taylor

Birdhouse Gourd: 1st – Alexa Armachain, 2nd – Health and Medical Division

Any other gourd: 1st – Franeisco Javier

Largest Sunflower: 1st – Alexa Armachain, 2nd Tagan Crowe, 3rd – Madison Crowe

Traditional Cherokee Crop: 1st – Madalene Welch

Unusual Vegetable: 1st – Health and Medical Division, 2nd – Chanice Taylor


Flower Arrangement

Flower Arrangement: 1st – Madalene Welch, 2nd – Ashley Crowe