Tribal Council Results – Sept. 28

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                Protest Hearing – Protest of Res. No. 743 (11) re: the assignment of a life estate to James Toineeta, surviving spouse of Ruby Lee Regan Toineeta (d) submitted by Samuel Walkingstick and Omer Buchanan, Jr. – Withdrawn

                Tabled Res. No. 39 (09) – Request that all subsidies of private enterprises stop immediately – TERO notify private enterprise sector they shall maintain 50% Tribal members on trust property – Withdrawn

                Tabled Res. No. 62 (09) – Tribe to pursue domain with Steve Beck, Painttown Community – Withdrawn

                Tabled Res. No. 132 (10) – Request that enrolled members having private insurance have co-pay made by CIHA, regardless of physician location – Withdrawn

                Tabled Res. No. 223 – Linda Lambert request for $204,300 for right-of-way encroachment – Withdrawn

                Tabled Res. No. 272 – Support for locating Tribal cemeteries and honored member graves for summer clean-up program for ongoing care and upkeep – Withdrawn

                Tabled Ord. No. 274 – Syllabary translation for resolutions/ordinances – Withdrawn

                Tabled Ord. No. 275 – Tribal Preference Law – Withdrawn

                Tabled Res. No. 287 – Establishment of Kidney Bank Program for enrolled members of the EBCI – Withdrawn

                Tabled Ord. No. 325 – Ethics Ordinance

                Tabled Res. No. 399 – 2 % one-time incentive for Tribal employees and approval of FY2011 Budget – Withdrawn

                Tabled Res. No. 477 – Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity waived between EBCI & Blackrock Institutional Trust Co. with respect to EBCI Grantor Trust Agreement – Withdrawn

                Tabled Ord. No. 611 – Revised Tribal Personnel Policy – Withdrawn

                Tabled Res. No. 620 – Principal Chief authorized to enter into contract for the sale and purchase of Big Cove Community Parcel No. 620 consisting of 103 acres from William A. Bradley for $670,000 – Withdrawn

                Tabled Res. No. 621 – Principal Chief authorized to enter into contract for the sale and purchase of Yellowhill Community Parcel No. 1-B consisting of 3.207 acres from Jack Saunooke for $657,435 – Withdrawn

                Tabled Res. No. 632 – George Martin desires Council abide by Lloyd Welch Constitution and enrolled members are 1/16th blood degree – Withdrawn

                Tabled Res. No. 671 – Tony Bernhisel requests to lease two acres of property in Rough Branch for construction of new Healing Waters Church – Withdrawn

                Tabled Res. No. 695 – Request by Teresa McCoy for 3% COLA increase for Tribal employees – Withdrawn

                Tabled Ord. No. 722 – TERO Ordinance amendment re: 1.75% fee for projects that exceed $10,000 – Withdrawn

                Tabled Res. No. 747 – Approval of FY2012 Budgets – Withdrawn

                Tabled Res. No. 797 – Protest of Res. No. 778 (11), heirs of Gladys A. Wright interest in Cherokee County Tract No. 35 – Withdrawn

                Tabled Ord. No. 799 – Ordinance amendment re: professional services provided by private businesses on Reservation – Withdrawn

                Tabled Res. No. 816 – Authorization of prepayment to Eddie Hill and Yonnie Hill for lease on Big Cove property for water tower – Withdrawn

                Tabled Res. No. 858 – Request to appoint Adele Jacobs Madden to Investment Committee through Sept. 30, 2016 – Withdrawn

                Tabled Res. No. 863 – Request to appoint Jo Blaylock to Cherokee Broadband Enterprise Board of Advisors – Amended/Passed

                Res. No. 365 – GIS Office authorized to submit grant application to ANA seeking up to $302,000 with $75,500 match – Passed

                Res. No. 366 – Continuing budget resolution until annual operating budgets for FY2012 are approved – Passed

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