3 to vie for Miss Cherokee title

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Karyl Frankiewicz, Kristina Hyatt and Trae Crowe will vie for the title of Miss Cherokee 2011 on Saturday, Oct. 1. (SCOTT MCKIE B.P./One Feather)





                Three young ladies will vie for the title of Miss Cherokee 2011 during the annual pageant scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 1 at 6pm at the Cherokee Cultural Arts Center.  Karyl Frankiewicz, Melodee Trae Crowe and Kristina Hyatt are the three contestants for the title. 

                “Once again, this year we have three beautiful and talented young women vying for the coveted title of Miss Cherokee 2011,” said Debbie West, EBCI Royalty Board.  “Although our participation is low, we have a lovely pageant planned.  Any of the three young women will make a wonderful representative of our Tribe and continue to uphold the honor, dignity and respect that the title represents.” 

                West went on to say, “Because of who she is and her title (Miss Cherokee, Ambassador of the EBCI), we have strived for several years to have an elegant pageant in an elegant location.  We believe we have achieved that.  The Cultural Arts Center at the new Cherokee School is very nice and the Royalty Board does a fabulous job decorating.  Also, our volunteers in all areas are wonderful and we couldn’t do it without them.” 

                Frankiewicz, 19, is the daughter of Melissa Arch and Quinton Frankiewicz.  She is a freshman at Southwestern Community College and related that she enjoys doing Cherokee arts and crafts in her spare time.  Frankiewicz is from the Birdtown Community. 

                Crowe, 19, is the daughter of Troy and Miss Crowe.  She is a sophomore at Southwestern Community College where she is active in the Native American Student Organization.  Crowe is from the Big Y Community. 

                Hyatt, 22, is the daughter of Lavon and Gloria Hyatt.  She is a senior at UNC-Asheville and related that she enjoys sports, reading, shopping and spending time with her nephew Reggie and cousin Shelby.  Hyatt is from the Big Cove Community.



Note: This list was provided by the EBCI Royalty Board


1963       Dorothy McCoy Smith

1964       vacant

1965       vacant

1966       vacant

1967       Faren Sanders Crews

1968       Penny Otter Huntsman

1969       Patty Grant

1970       Loretta Hornbuckle Kirby

1971       Shirley Swayney Cloer

1972       Pearl Bradley

1973       Rowena Teesateskie

1974       Lawana Cooper Almond

1975       Deborah West

1976       Debta Conseen Bradley

1977       Elista Long

1978       Loretta Ann Hornbuckle

1979       Betty Owle Mooreland

1980       Alice Virginia Groenwold

1981       Gloria West Hyatt

1982       Melvina Swimmer

1983       Eugenia Thompson

1984       Mollie Lossiah Grant

1985       Renissa McLaughlin Walker

1986       Lavenia West Hicks

1987       Becky Wildcatt Crowe

1988       Janell Rattler

1989       Lori Sanders

1990       Keredith Owens-Rose

1991       Cynthia Ledford

1992       Heather Swimmer-Younce

1993       Sheila Davis Brown

1994       Ursula Welch

1995       April Sampson-Shuler

1996       Nakoa Chiltoskie

1997       Mollie Hornbuckle

1998       Monica Wildcatt Tafoya

1999       Natassia Baldwin

2000       Danielle Brooke Lossiah

2001       Ina George Laws

2002       Natalie Hill

2003       Amy Darlene Kalonaheskie

2004       Emra Arkansas

2005       Samantha Crowe Hernandez

2006       vacant

2007       Kara Martin

2008       Amanda Wolfe

2009       Rachel Hicks

2010       Tonya Carroll