Burns wins IHS Award for Excellence

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            NASHVILLE – The Nashville Area Director of Indian Health Service recently held an awards ceremony in Nashville, and the Director’s Award for Excellence was given to Mellie Burns, the Children’s Dental Public Health Hygienist for the EBCI Health and Medical Division.

Mellie Burns (left), shown with Principal Chief Michell Hicks, received an Award of Excellence from the Nashville Area IHS for her work in the Children's Dental program. (LYNNE HARLAN/EBCI Public Relations)

         Burns has worked diligently to create public health dental hygiene programs in the local school system to provide fluoride varnish treatment and sealants. She works closely with the Cherokee Indian Hospital Dental Clinic to provide innovative programs and procure funding for new initiatives that improved dental health in our community.

            Burns commented, “I feel quite honored to receive such an award; however, I did not accomplish this on my own.  I am very grateful for the tremendous amount of support the Children’s Dental Program receives from tribal leadership, the dental staff at Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority and the administrative staff of EBCI Healthy and Medical Division.  It’s a collaborative effort.” 

            Vickie L. Bradley, EBCI deputy health office, related, “She has coordinated the Seal for Real program and the fluoride varnish programs in the local school systems which have proved to be extremely beneficial in the reduction of dental caries in school aged children.  We are extremely fortunate to have Ms. Burns as part of the Health and Medical team.  Her expertise and experience in public health is a tremendous resource for our community.”