Cherokee Food Drive to support MANNA

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          MANNA Food Bank has been providing qualified Cherokee Central School students with food to take home for the weekends for the past three years. The MANNA program has provided 18,918 MANNA Packs – translating into 94,590 pounds of food. The estimated MANNA Packs costs approx $3.95, so $74,726.10 worth of food has made it into the children’s homes.

Shown (left-right) Jacque Powell, Laura Cabe, Raysha Nations, James Owl, Gatlin Cruz, Candi Teesatuskie, Stevie Ray, Cody Gloyne, Travis Ledford, Nellie Smith, Bradley Welch, Gabby Thompson, Brianna Smith, and Yvette Colmant. (Photo courtesy of Yvette Colmant/Cherokee Choices)

          Cherokee Central School Health Advisory Council is arranging a community wide food drive to help repay their generosity. The drive will coincide with March Nutrition month.  MANNA will be providing barrels that will be placed in central locations, school, grocery store, library, and hospital.

          School officials related, “Please spread the word, and drop off food starting in March.  We would like to give back at least 20 barrels of non-perishable food back.  The greatest needs are: tuna fish, peanut butter, canned fruits, and canned vegetables.”

            Info: Laura Cabe 554-5090 or Yvette Colmant 497-1978.