Cherokee A.L.E. hosts FBI-LEEDA Training

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                The Cherokee Alcohol Law Enforcement (A.L.E.) program hosted a FBI-LEEDA program this past week entitled “Executive Survival: Policing in the 21st Century”. 

Cherokee A.L.E. hosted a FBI-LEEDA class this past week in town. (Photo courtesy of Gerard Ball/Cherokee A.L.E.)

                “The purpose of the training was to facilitate the development of police leadership and the quality of police safety,” said Jon Tooke, the chief trainer for the program.  Tooke is also the national training coordinator for FBI Enforcement Executive Development Association.  “Leadership was defined as the ability to influence others to do things they would not do otherwise.”

                According to class information, the course is designed for senior law enforcement executives and follows the FBI-LEEDA “Cops Talking to Cops model of professional development.

                “It was an honor and privilege to host this training session,” said Gerard Ball, Chief of Cherokee A.L.E.  “It enabled attendees to network with other agencies.  Plus, the friendship they made will be invaluable in the future.  The goal would be to offer more opportunities.”

                For more information on the FBI-LEEDA program, visit or 1-877-772-7712.