Day of Reckoning MMA Event coming to Birdtown

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Clyde Dull (left) is scheduled for an exhibition bout against Cheyenne Arneach at the Day of Reckoning MMA event at Birdtown Rec. Center this Saturday. Dull is shown above sparring with Dan Hornbuckle, an EBCI tribal member signed with Bellator Fighting Championships. (Photo by Dawn Arneach/One Feather)

The Day of Reckoning mixed martial arts event will take place at the Birdtown Rec. Center on Saturday, Oct. 23.  The doors open at 6pm and the first fight begins at 7pm.    This event is sanctioned by the ISCF (International Sport Combat Federation) and will feature ISCF-certified judges.  Info: Ron Smith (828) 736-9671 or or visit

Following is the fight card which is subject to change:
Catch 130 -Jeremy Nimmons (0-0), from Ground Force, vs. Ross Blevins (0-0), of Full Circle
170 – Brian Hutchens (0-1), from Megladon, vs. Dillan Mullar (0-0), of Full Circle  Title
155 – Charlie Lewis, of Ground Force,  vs. Isaiah Chekelelee, Cherokee
185 – Blake Queen (4-2), of Palaestra, vs. Ben Perry (2-3), of Full Circle
170 – Tony Rogers (2-1), of Full Circle, vs. Ankure Mathew (0-0), of Megladon
135 – Mitchel Hatton (4-2), of Knockout Knights, vs. Solon Staley (5-2), of Columbia Submissions
145 – Patrick Stewart (0-0), of Palaestra, vs. Sheridan Moran (0-1), of Olympic Catch
180 – Craig Naegler (7-1), of Palaestra vs. Joseph Corneroli  (8-2), of Upstate Karate
205 – Corey Sylllivan (3-1), of Olympic, vs. TBD
205 – Casey Baynes (2-1), of Megladon, vs. TBD
205 – Justin McDowell (1-0), of Knockout Knights vs. TBD Tournament Finals Light Heavyweight 205 Title – TBD vs. TBD
Exhibition Bout – Clyde Dull vs. Cheyenne Arneach, scheduled for three 3-minute rounds