Cherokee Royalty crowned at Pageants

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Miss Cherokee Tonya Carroll was crowned prior to the Cherokee Indian Fair, but the other three young ladies comprising the EBCI Royalty were crowned during last week’s Fair. 

The newly crowed Cherokee Royalty including (left-right) Little Miss Cherokee Aliyah Bigmeat, Miss Cherokee Tonya Carroll, Teen Miss Cheroke Andrea Cedillo, and Junior Miss Cherokee Kaley Locust. (Photo courtesy of Jan Smith)

Aliyah Bigmeat, of the Wolfetown Community was crowned Little Miss Cherokee on Wednesday, Oct. 6.  She is the 9-year-old daughter of Jennifer and Russell Bigmeat.  The 1st runner up in the pageant was Prairie Toineeta and the 2nd runner up was Deliah Esquivel.  Marcella Garcia won the Little Miss Congeniality award and Taylen Bowman won the Little Miss Photogenic award. 

Kaley Locust, of the Birdtown Community, was crowned Junior Miss Cherokee on Thursday, Oct. 7.  She is the 10-year-old daughter of Nancy and Will Locust.  The 1st runner up in the pageant was Bree Stamper and the 2nd runner up was Adelia Crowe.  Locust also won the Junior Miss Congeniality award and Crowe won the Junior Miss Photogenic award. 

Andrea Cedillo, of the Birdtown Community, was crowned Teen Miss Cherokee on Friday, Oct. 9.  She is the 14-year-old daughter of Faye McCoy.   The 1st runner up in the pageant was Jessica McCoy and the 2nd runner up was Joi Owle.  Cedillo also won the Teen Miss Photogenic award and Jessica McCoy won the Teen Miss Congeniality award. 

“I thought the girls did an excellent job,” said Lisa Penick, one of the Pageant coordinators.  “Amanda (Wolfe) and Kara (Martin) did an excellent job working with the girls.  I just thought the pageants went off very well this year.” 

Penick said the Pageant Board, which is comprised of Penick, Wolfe, Martin, and Candy Martin, is looking forward to working with the girls in this upcoming year.  She said the girls will attend a lot of local parades and events in the upcoming months and get into more travel as springtime and summer arrives.