Tribal Council Results – Aug. 13

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Count sheets 8-13-2010

Tabled Ord. No. 274 – Summary of Council legislation shall be translated into Cherokee language/syllabary – Tabled

Tabled Ord. No. 356 – Article II – Crimes Against Public Peace – Amendments to Ordinance – Remains Tabled

Tabled Res. No. 362 – Shan Standingdeer requests transfer of property between himself and John Julius Wilnoty (d) approved without the signature of Tennie Standingdeer Wilnoty – Move to pass did not carry – Council instructed that Mr. Standingdeer may resubmit if he desires to do so

Tabled Res. No. 393 – BIA authorized to decrease right-of-way along Mary Lambert Farm Road from 60 feet to 40 feet across Parcel No. 21-A belonging to Patrick Lambert – Remains Tabled

Tabled Res. No. 398 – Cherokee Broadband Enterprises amendments – Remains Tabled

Res. No. 426 – Request by Amy Walker for clarification regarding Sec. 16 of Charter & Governing Document of EBCI as it pertains to participants in Senior Citizen Program located at Tsali Manor in Cherokee – Withdrawn

Res. No. 432 – Request that rock harvesting and quarry operation in Wolftown Community be deemed inappropriate due to its proximity to existing homes and families and negative health effects – Passed

Res. No. 433 – Last will & testament of Charlotte Hornbuckle Mason (d) – Passed

Res. No. 434 – Last will & testament of Richard Michael Johnson (d) – Passed

Res. No. 435 – Successors in interest to Sara Mary Swimmer Johnson (d) recognized – Amended/Passed

Res. No. 436 – Request for Tribal Council to rescind Res. No. 853 (05) regarding undivided interest of Sara Mary Swimmer Johnson (d) – Passed

Res. No. 437 – Successors in interest to Alzina Mae Locust Bradley (d) recognized – Tabled

Res. No. 438 – Successors in interest to David Long, Sr. (d) recognized – Passed

Res. No. 439 – Request to amend Res. No. 129 (10) to delete Cherokee Co. Parcel No. 173-E from the assignment of possessory holdings to the Maybelle Winkler Lepscier (d) heirs – Passed

Res. No. 440 – Request that 15-foot-wide strip of Tribal land in Big Cove Community be transferred into the name of Maggie Lossiah – Amended/Passed

Res. No. 441 – Request that property in Big Cove Community be designated for use as a picnic area, Indian ball field, and walking trail – Tabled

Res. No. 442 – Tsali Manor requests that Council authorize participation in the most current Identifying Our Needs: A Survey of Elders – Passed

Res. No. 443 – Tsali Manor requests Council endorse and support guidelines for the Senior Citizens Help Program – Passed  

Res. No. 444 – Request for Council to approve Joint Council session between EBCI, Cherokee Nation, and United Keetoowah Band – Passed

No # given – Successors in interest to Lawrence Thompson (d) recognized – Withdrawn

No # given – Successors in interest to James Elliot Bradley (d) recognized – Hold

No # given – Lawanda Sue French Myers requests that Council approve transfer of possessory interest documents without signatures of Karen Elizabeth French Browning, Edwin Leroy French, and Michael Ray French – Hold