6th Annual Cherokee Day of Caring scheduled

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 Source: Cherokee Preservation Foundation

Cherokee Preservation Foundation, the Office of the Principal Chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI), and Harrah’s Cherokee Casino & Hotel announced today that they will once again sponsor the Cherokee Day of Caring, an annual event begun in 2005 that builds on the Cherokee tradition of Gadugi, or community service. 

The all-day community service event will take place on Thursday, May 20 within the 10 communities of the EBCI. Keeping alive the Cherokee tradition of community service, especially in times of need, this tradition is alive today, often taking the form of a free labor group, which comes to help when a Cherokee community member dies or a family is in need.  Gadugi brings families and community members together to support one another.  Now is the time for volunteers to sign up to show your support to help neighbors who are unable to do much-needed work on their homes, yards or gardens. 

During the Cherokee Day of Caring, members of the tribe, the community and tribal employees will help 10 families or individuals in particular need who have been nominated by their communities clubs.  Volunteers will lend a hand with painting, yard clean-up, gardening, and fix-it projects. 

Other features of the Cherokee Day of Caring will be the honoring of ten Quiet Heroes who have served their communities unselfishly, as well as a Good Neighbor who does not live in one of the EBCI communities, but has significantly helped members of the Tribe.

“The Cherokee Day of Caring is significant in our community because it is a way for our people to visit with one another while working to make a better community. Our tradition of caring for each other has become in peril with today’s technology and this event gives us a chance to instill traditional values,” said Principal Chief Michell Hicks.

If you have any questions regarding the event, please call Hwineko Walkingstick at (828) 554-6931.