Upcoming Roadway Improvement Projects in Cherokee

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Upcoming Roadway Improvement Capital Projects:

 For project specific questions please contact CDOT 828-497-1890 or NCDOT 828-586-4043

All project start and completion dates are estimated and subject to change due to financial constraints, workload, project phasing, or other unforeseen issues.

 Roadway Patching –

Damaged roadway sections will be removed and replaced. Roadways include: Mink Branch, Owl Branch, Swimmer Branch, Kate Lambert Rd, Tooni Branch, Mount Noble Rd, Hoot Owl Rd, Fisher Branch.  

Est. Start Date – May 1; Est. Completion Date – June 30

 Roadway Resurfacing-

Roadways will be overlaid with a new asphalt surface. Affected routes: Owle Branch, Mount Noble Rd (existing paved section),

Kate Lambert Rd, and Old Soco Rd.

Est. Start Date – June 1; Est. Completion Date – Aug. 1

Bridge Re-habilitation/Maintenance-                                          

20 BIA Bridges will have maintenance activities performed on them. Bridges to have substantial improvements made include: Soco Creek #2, Macedonia Bridge, Raven Park Bridge, Straight Fork Bridge, and Sarah Jones Bridge

Est. Start Date – May 1; Est. Completion Date – Sept. 30

 Mary Lambert Farm Rd Re-Construction-

Roadway will be paved and brought up to adequate roadway design standards     

Est. Start Date – July 1; Est. Completion Date – Jan 1, 2011

Galamore Road Re-Construction

Drainage will be improved, and roadway will be rehabilitated and resurfaced        

Est. Start Date – April 20; Est. Completion Date – June 30

Old Number 4 Rd Re-Construction (Lower Section)-

From Jenkins Crossing Bridge south to the Reservation boundary the roadway will be re-constructed.

Est. Start Date – 3rd quarter 2010; Est. Completion Date – 3rd quarter 2011

Cultural District Streetscape-

Place utilities underground; construct new sidewalks, lighting, etc.                       

Est. Start Date – ongoing now; Est. Completion Date – July 1

US19/441 Bus (Downtown) Bridge-

Project underway to be completed.                                                                    

Est. Start Date – ongoing now; Est. Completion Date – Sept. 25

US19/441 Bus (GAP) Re-construction-

Project underway to be completed                                                                     

Est. Start Date – ongoing now; Est. Completion Date – May 25

NCDOT Roadway Resurfacing-

US441-From US19 to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park                        

US 19/441-From Downtown Bridge half a mile south

Acquoni Road-Entirety

Big Cove Road-State Maintained Portion

US 19-From Washington’s Creek Rd to the Haywood County Line

Est. Start Date – May 1; Est. Completion Date – Sept. 1

US Highway 19 Widening

From Standingdeer Road south to the existing Casino entrance. Widen                

Existing roadway, relocate utilities, construct bike lanes, sidewalks, lighting

Traffic signals, and turn lanes.

Est. Start Date – May 1; Est. Completion Date – Dec. 1