Taylor selected for Elite Basketball Experience

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Christian Taylor

Christian Taylor, an EBCI tribal member and son of Lori Taylor of Big Cove, has been accepted for the 365 Sports 2010 USA Basketball Team. Christian will represent his country in international play this summer at the 2010 Bohamian Tropical Shootout July 23 – August 2, 2010, a prestigious interntational showcase tournament held in the Bahamas. Christian was invited based on his exceptional play and dedication to the sport of basketball.

The 365 Sports Program selects individuals that demonstrate elite play on teh court and who are striving to raise their game to the next level. The program offers athletes a comprehensive growth opportuntity developing character building skills that will remain with them for a lifetime.

The organization is directed by former collegiate and professional coaches that encompass the complete athlete experience for today’s demanding player.Athletes will be immeresed in an intensive training environment, learning advanced methods by professional performance trainers to challenge them to take their skill  development to a higher level. Athletes will have the opportunity to compete in their own International Championship while interacting off the court with athletes from other countries.

According to Rik Seymour, CEo of 365 Sports, INC., “The 365 Sports experience is a tremendous opportunity for a young athlete to develop their character adn leadership skills. It provides the athlete a unique qay in which to expereince the sharing of culture and sport between people of different nationalities.”

For more information about 365 Sport check online at www.365sports.org or call 919-941-0365.

– Source: 365 Sports release