Cherokee Tribal Court Report – week of April 15

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Judgment Summary for April 6

SHELL, Justin R.
20-138.7(a)(1) Transporting an Open Container of Alcoholic Beverage – Guilty/Responsible, $50 fine, $140 court costs, $1000 DARE
14-15.3 Transportation of Alcoholic Beverages [Open Container] – Guilty/Responsible
14-40.56 – Assault on a Female (DV) – Dismissed – Treatment Complete

Judgment Summary for April 7

LARCH, Tanner Moren Eagle
14-70.22 Failure to Obey a Lawful Order of the Court – Dismissed at the Request of the Prosecuting Witness

14-30.6 Child Abuse in the Second Degree – Dismissed on Plea
14-70.19 Resisting Lawful Arrest – Guilty/Responsible, 6 months probation, $140 court costs, Heart to Heart
14-34.10 Weapons Offense – Dismissed on Plea

PARTON, Courtney
14-2.2 Criminal Conspiracy – Plea Agreement

20-28 Revoked Driver’s License – Dismissed on Plea

SANTOYO, Jose Luis
14-95.11(c) Drugs: Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – Drug Ed. Program – 180 days to complete
14-95.5(c) Drugs: Simple Possession of Marijuana – Deferred Prosecution – 180 days to complete, will dismiss on completion of Drug Ed. Program

TAYLOR, Trudy Louise
14-95.11(c) Drugs: Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – Transfer to JV Court
14-95.5(c) Drugs: Simple Possession of Marijuana – Transfer to JV Court
14-10.60 Larceny – Transfer to JV Court

TEESATESKIE, Katherine Yvonne
14-10.16 Second Degree Trespass – Dismissed – Prosecuting Witness Failed to Appear – $140 court costs to be paid by Complainant

WILLIAMS, Rena Selena-Jalissa
14-40.62(a)(1) Simple Assault – Dismissed – Settled in Mediation