Red Thunder roars on “Native Rock: The Singles”

by Feb 12, 2010A&E0 comments

Robby Romero and Red Thunder have earned respect around the world on more than one level.  Their dynamic music inspires their fans to dance, while their faithful efforts to improve the lives of individuals throughout Indian Country motivate their fans to volunteer, learn and serve others.  Noted for his tireless efforts on behalf of Native American children, Robby Romero has also worked to raise awareness of environmental issues that impact reservation populations.  

Robby Romero uses the popularity of his music to increase interest in charitable concerns. Yet, the music on this recent cd stands alone as examples of why this performer and his band maintain such a loyal following.  Romero infuses each song with vibrant passion and dynamic energy.  

 Romero’s vivacity appears in his guitar playing and singing. The lyrics on this cd mirror the political,social, and emotional issues that Native people endure.  “Touch Your Beauty” and “Lakota Woman” encourage a positive self-image and admiration.  The band explores its spiritual side during the songs “Prayer Song” and “Hidden Medicine”.  “All Our Colors” and “Talking Stick” invite listeners from all backgrounds into the blessings of Creation,nature and culture.

“Native Rock:The Singles” shares the perspective of this outstanding band. Each track proves that Red Thunder’s longevity is well-deserved. Fans of Robby Romero will delight in this cd, while others may learn about his volunteer efforts and be inspired to help through this music.
CD info:  2009, Eagle Thunder Music, isbn#: 8-84501-15589-2