Pensmoke’s debut, “Move Undetected”, won’t go unnoticed

by Feb 12, 2010A&E0 comments


Tsalagi rapper Pensmoke makes an auspicious debut with “Move Undetected”, his breakthrough cd. Pensmoke, who draws his name from the lyrical skills and talents neede to create hot musical tracks, blends his personal experiences and his dedication to Native life and culture in this impressive cd.

Each song showcases this artist’s devotion to true hip-hop and features his efforts to remain true to his tribe and to his beliefs. While many rappers lionize lives comprised of crime and showy spending, Pensmoke strives to portray a transparent and authentic side of his hip-hop music.

He freely reflects on his challenges with habits, sins and the obstacles of everyday life throughout the song “Help”. This song is a poignant cry for Divine Guidance that includes Pensmoke’s frustration with his continual failings and depicts his willingness to surrender to a higher power.

For Pensmoke, Christianity represents a way of coping with challenges and addictions in a positive way. “NDNCognito” spotlights the role of multiracial and multicultural people within Indian Country. Skillful artist N-Don joins Pensmoke for a track called “Speak on It” which extols truth amidst entertaining beats and rhythms.

Pensmoke openly expresses his ideas with courage and conviction, as showcased during “Soldiers”, “Sword” and “Change Came”. The title of the cd, “Move Undetected”, explicates numerous facets of this gifted artist’s music and personality. Comfortably nested in the shadows of the cover photo,

Pensmoke symbolizes the large population of Natives in urban areas as well as the significant quantity of Christians in almost every social, political, and other arena of life. This cd demonstrates that this artist is comfortable in his own skin and with his own soul. The result is an energetic and intriguing cd. More info: