2009-11 Tribal Council updated Committee List

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Note: According to Denise Walkingstick at the TOP Office, there have been several changes to the 2009-11 Tribal Council Committee List.  This is the list as provided by the TOP Office. 

2009-2011 EBCI Tribal Council Committees

Community Services

Vice Chief Larry Blythe – Chair, David Wolfe, Diamond Brown, Gene Crowe, Bill Taylor, Terri Henry, Teresa McCoy

Health Board

David Wolfe – Chair, Bill Taylor, Gene Crowe, Teresa McCoy, Tommye Saunooke, Diamond Brown


Jim Owle – Chair, David Wolfe, Diamond Brown, Mike Parker, Tommye Saunooke, Perry Shell

Parks & Rec.

Jim Owle – Chair, David Wolfe, Terri Henry, Mike Parker, Perry Shell, Adam Wachacha

School Board Rep.

David Wolfe, Gene Crowe (alternate)

Parent Policy Council

Teresa McCoy, David Wolfe (alternate)

Qualla Housing

Perry Shell – Chair, Gene Crowe, B Ensley, Bill Taylor, Tommye Saunooke, Adam Wachacha

Roads Commission

B Ensley – Chair, Gene Crowe, Mike Parker, Tommye Saunooke, Perry Shell, Adam Wachacha

IT Steering Committee

Perry Shell

Timber & Natural Resources

B Ensley – Chair, Gene Crowe – Vice, Bill Taylor, Terri Henry, Teresa McCoy, Adam Wachacha


B Ensley – Chair, Terri Henry, Jim Owle, Mike Parker, Teresa McCoy, Adam Wachacha

Planning Board

B Ensley – Chair, Bill Taylor, Diamond Brown, Gene Crowe, Tommye Saunooke, Perry Shell

Social Services

Tommye Saunooke – Chair, B Ensley, Mike Parker, Jim Owle, Teresa McCoy, Adam Wachacha

Lands Committee

Diamond Brown – Chair, Teresa McCoy, Terri Henry, Adam Wachacha (alternate)

Land Acquisition

Perry Shell, Tommye Saunooke, B Ensley, Jim Owle, Mike Parker, Adam Wachacha


Tommye Saunooke

Business Committee

Jim Owle, B Ensley

Boys Club Rep.

Perry Shell


Perry Shell, Mike Parker (alternate)

Preservation Foundation

Jim Owle