Latin Students at Cherokee Central Schools present Christmas Program

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Watson Harlan (left) and Leo Pete, students in Cherokee High School's Latin program, perform during a Christmas program in December. (Photo courtesy of Kathy Hardin)

The Latin students at Cherokee middle and high school presented their Latin Christmas program prior to Christmas break with family, friends, Cherokee Central School faculty, and guests from the community in attendance. 

Watson Harlan and Savanna Stiles take Latin from Mrs. Kathy Hardin at Cherokee middle school in the afternoon.  Watson and Savanna are studying Latin from Wheelock’s Latin text which is used in most liberal arts universities in the classical department.  Leo Pete is being tutored in Latin also. 

For the Christmas program Leo Pete presented the meaning of the word Christmas and a translation of Merry Christmas in Latin and a medieval Christmas Carol on his trumpet as Watson Harlan played the piece on his clarinet.  Savanna Stiles spoke about the birth place of Christ and presented a translation of the second chapter of the Gospel of Luke.  To conclude the program nineteen of Mrs. Hardin’s Language Arts students joined her Latin students in singing Adeste Fidelis. 

This is the first class at Cherokee Central Schools to take Latin.