Cherokee Life Center hosts Triathlon

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Anita Johnson, of the Kickin' It Old School, teams bikes en route to her team winning the Women's 18-44 division at the CLC Triathlon. (Photo courtesy of CLC)

The Cherokee Life Center held its first Annual CLC IronTeam Triathlon on Saturday, Jan. 23.  The competition consisted of three-person teams, each completing a leg of the race including a 3.2 mile run, biking for eight miles and swimming 18 laps (1/2 mile).  Three categories were represented for both the men and women’s teams.  

In the 45 and over category, the Dream Catchers took first place.  Gerri Grady had a 3.2 mile run of 30:56, followed by Sally Sneed on the bike with a time of 17:58 and Nancy Davis with a swim time of 21:25 bringing the teams total time to 1.09:36.  Kickin it Old School took home 1st place for the 18-44 age group as Michelle Ledford completed the run in 27:42 followed by Anita Johnson on the bike with a time of 15:81.  Jennifer Brown rounded out the competition with a time of 19:91 bringing the total team time to 1.03:13.    

Four men’s teams competed in the 18-44 year old age group.  CroConBur took first place with an overall best total time of 53:48.  Bo Crowe had the best overall run time of 21:04, Christian Crowe had a bike time of 16:21 and Brian Burgess had an overall best swim time of 16:23.  The second place team was BoltArmstrongPhelps consisting of Ethan Clapsaddle, Damian Solis and Justin Jumper.  Other teams competing included the Three Stooges (Brian Driver, Drew Grant and Kimsey Taylor) and The Underdogz (Jama Anders, Joe-Don Owle and Austin Sampson). 

Each person on the first place teams took home a plaque which mounted a beaded eagle feather done by Kim Bottchenbaugh, and each competitor received a t-shirt. 

The Cherokee Life Center will hold an individual Ironman/Ironwoman Triathlon on Saturday, Feb. 27.  The competition will be the same format used for the team triathlon (run 3.2, bike 8,  swim 18 laps). 

The Life Center related they would like to give a big thank you to Radonna Crowe and Paige Gross, from Healthy Cherokee, for their help with planning and for the food they provided at the event.

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