Tribal Council Agenda – Thursday, Jan. 7

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Provided by TOP Office

***Indicates timed items, individual has been notified at this specific time to be present

8:40am – Reports and Announcements

***9:00am – Tabled Res. No. 88 – last will and testament of Charlotte Sneed Whittemore (Item No. 1)

***New resolution submitted by Legal Dept. regarding Last Will and Testament of Charlotte Sneed Whittemore (Item No. 1-B)

***9:10am – Terry Taylor requests if an individual is not present for his/her resolution or ordinance, that item shall remain tabled or held until individual can be present unless that person has notified Tribal Council or TOP Office (Item No. 2)

–          Terry Taylor requests an efficiency study regarding governmental travel be conducted by independent agency (Item No. 3)

–          Terry Taylor – resubmission of travel ordinance regarding elected officials (Item No. 4)

***9:30am – Ermilinda Montelongo, Carols Cruz Jr., Janice Wilnoty, Walania Kirby, Chuck W. Bumgarner, and Leonard Bumgarner desire to purchase one acre (per individual) of buildable Tribal land for the price of $500 (per each individual purchase) (Item No. 5)

***9:40am – Pheabe K. Phillips desires to trade three acres of unbuildable property on Rattlesnake Mountain for three acres of available Tribal property (Item No. 6)

***9:50am – Anna Bumgarner desires to trade three acres of unbuildable property on Rattlesnake Mountain for three acres of available Tribal property on the property list (Item No. 7)

***10:00am – Successors in interest to Charley Ledford (d) recognized (Item No. 8)

***10:10am – Successors in interest to David Arch (d) recognized (Item No. 9)

***10:20am – Successors in interest to Anderson Wachacha (d) recognized (Item No. 10)

***10:30am – Successors in interest to Allen Boyd Queen (d) recognized (Item No. 11)

***10:40am – Last Will and Testament of Maybelle Winkler Lepscier (d) (Item No. 12)

10:50am – Mutual-help homes assigned – individuals do not need to be present unless they desire – Helen Bradley Jackson, Betsy Bigwitch, Harold Dennis Lambert (Item No. 13)

***11:00am – Resolutions submitted by Brenda Norville

–          Request that Council instruct CIHA Director to publish Hospital audit (Item No. 14)

–          Request that enrolled members who have private insurance will have their co-pay paid by CIHA, regardless of physician location (Item No. 15)

–          Enrolled members who have private insurance have medications filled at CIHA Pharmacy (Item No. 16)

–          CIHA begin filling all prescriptions with medications that are same or equal to what is originally prescribed by the outside physician (Item No. 17)

–          Request that Snowbird Dental operate eight days a month (Item No. 18)

–          Enrolled members referred out by CIHA have bill paid in 60 days (Item No. 19)

–          Request for hospital position to handle credit issues regarding CIHA delinquent payment (Item No. 20)

–          Request for Snowbird Community Hospital Liaison position (Item No. 21)

–          COLA request for CIHA employees (Item No. 22)

–          Enrolled members who see outside physician may have prescriptions filled without having to see CIHA provider (Item No. 23)

***1:00pm – Request by Ray Rose that Council support Cherokee Broadband Enterprises in placing a data center location on Tribal lands of EBCI (Item No. 24)

1:10 pm – Request to Congressman Heath Shuler, Senator Kay Hagan, and Senator Richard Burr to coordinate with National Park Service to reopen Old Big Cove Road as an alternate route to Big Cove Community (Item No. 25)

1:20pm – Notice of intent – develop FDA  mutually-acceptable government-to-government agreement re: IRR Program serving Boundary (Item No. 26)

1:30pm – Five-year TIP approval (Item No. 27)

1:40pm – ADHS – equality adjustments for Qualla Boundary (Item No. 28)

1:50pm – Appointment to Investment Committee (Item No. 29)

2:00pm – Appointments to Tribal Benefits Committee (Item No. 30)

2:10pm – Tabled Res. No. 46 – EBCI pledge its resources to help in ICWA cases (Item No. 31)

2:20pm – Tabled Ord. No. 79 – Chapter 113 – Hunting & Fishing Ord. Amendments (Item No. 32)

2:30pm – Tabled Ord. No. 80 – Animal Control (Item No. 33)

2:40pm – Tabled Ord. No. 81 – Sect. Amdt. Audit Committee (Item No. 34)

2:50pm – Tabled Ord. No. 82 – Sexual Offenders prohibited from areas where children/youth are (Item No. 35)

***Banishment Items as Necessary