JLC holds Fall Council

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Submitted by Radonna Crowe

The Junaluska Leadership Council held its annual Fall Council earlier this month. (Photos courtesy of Radonna Crowe)

Junaluska Leadership Council JLC held their Annual Fall Council on Monday, Dec. 7.  The JLC asked the Tribal Operations Program (TOP) to incorporate training for new members on basic Tribal Council operating procedures, basic resolution writing, how and where to research resolution ideas, lingo used during a council session, duties of the legislative branch of Tribal government.

Cherokee County - Snowbird Rep. Diamond Brown Jr. addressed the JLC.

The JLC related they would like to thank Principal Chief Michell Hicks, Painttown Rep. Terri Henry, Cherokee County – Snowbird Rep. Diamond Brown Jr., TOP Staff Rosie McCoy and Kelly Dills, and Mike Thompson. 

            The results are as follows:

CARRY OVER FROM 08-09 Resolution No. 51 JLC members visit 8th grades to recruit new members (Item No. 1) PASSED

CARRY OVER FROM 08-09 Resolution No. 52 Athletic programs for females (Item No. 2) WITHDRAWN

Painttown Rep. Terri Henry addresses the JLC.

CARRY OVER FROM 08-09 Resolution No. 53 Plaques placed at development sites where JLC resolutions played a part (Item No. 3) PASSED

CARRY OVER FROM 08-09 Resolution No. 54 Emergency phones be placed along Blue Ridge Parkway route (Item No. 4) WITHDRAWN

Resolution No. 55 New entrance signs be placed at Cherokee entrances (Item No. 5) PASSED

Resolution No. 56 Emergency phones be placed in strategic places (Item No. 6) WITHDRAWN

Resolution No. 57 Tribal Council education requirements (Item No. 7) PASSED

Resolution No. 58 No restrictions regarding testing be put on per capita distribution (Item No. 8) PASSED

Resolution No. 59 Phoenix Theatres show at least one family appropriate movie each week (Item No. 9) PASSED

Resolution No. 60 Tribal Council budget for lighting and installation of facilities a public park (Item No. 10) AMENDED AND PASSED

Monies be appropriated for new Wolfetown Community building and playground (Item No. 11)  PASSED

Radonna is the program manager for the Healthy Cherokee program which helps to facilitate the Junaluska Leadership Council.