Per Capita down 7%

by Nov 10, 2009NEWS ka-no-he-da0 comments

By Scott McKie B.P.

One Feather staff


                The per capita distribution for December for enrolled members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is down 7 percent from this time last year.  Karen Kennedy, EBCI Financial Operations director, reported to Tribal Council on Thursday, Nov. 4 that the payments will be $4,154 compared to $4,473 in December 2008.  The payments were $5,027 in December 2007. 

                She said there will not be a mandatory withholding this year and related that if taxes are withheld, the amount will be $3,531. 

                Kennedy stated that several factors affected this year’s per capita including increased enrollment which is up 1.3% (186 people) from last year and a 6 percent decrease in gaming revenue.