Cherokee to join Gateway Communities Group

by Nov 4, 2009NEWS ka-no-he-da0 comments

Washington, DC – Congressman George Radanovich (R-California) and Congressman Heath Shuler (D-North Carolina) launched a bipartisan Congressional Caucus recently focusing on America’s Gateway Communities.  Gateway Communities include all cities, municipalities, counties, parishes, towns, villages, districts, wards, boroughs, and tribal lands that are geographically or economically linked with any federal public land or waterway and would be significantly impacted by decisions made by federal managers for these areas.  Cherokee, NC will soon join this group because of their link to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

“Gateway Communities provide access and infrastructure to America’s greatest national treasures: our national parks, monuments, forests and other public lands and waterways,” Said Congressman Radanovich.  “It is imperative that government works together with these communities that are inextricably linked to our public lands.”

These communities, which lie adjacent to the National Park System, National Wildlife Refuge System, National Forest System or other federal public lands and waterways, play an integral role in accomplishing the mission of federal land managers by providing necessary services, such as transportation infrastructure, search and rescue, emergency and medical support services, drinking water and sanitary systems. 

“This Caucus seeks to ensure the long term economic prosperity of thousands of Gateway Communities throughout the nation by closely linking the management of federal lands and waterways with these invaluable communities,” said Congressman Schuler.”

Lyle Laverty, Chief Executive Officer of the National Association of Gateway Communities (NAGC) praised the Congressman for their commitment to the communities that enhance the value and visitor appeal of our national parks, forests, monuments and waterways.  “We welcome and appreciate Congressman Radanovich and Congressman Shuler’s leadership on this issue.  We’re confident that this Caucus will help keep members of Congress and their constituents informed and updated on the range of federal issues that are inherent to Gateway Communities,” said Laverty.  “NAGC looks forward to working closely with the Congressional Gateway Communities Caucus to facilitate a healthy dialogue with the federal land and water management agencies as they shape the future of America’s natural, cultural and historic resources.”

For information on the National Association of Gateway Communities, please contact: Janet Naughton, Executive Director, NAGC, (703) 593-4622,,