School Board finishes November business with virtual polls

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One Feather Reporter


In lieu of a second monthly meeting, the Cherokee Central Schools (CCS) Board of Education held polls via email and cell phone message to wrap up any remaining business from November.

Diane Driver, CCS administrative assistant, posed the following question to the School Board in an email:

“With the holidays quickly approaching for our school year, I am in the process of planning the Christmas luncheon the school board provides for CCS employees. I was unsure if you all still want this to happen due to all the sickness going around. Do you want catering by Granny’s Kitchen for an in-person luncheon December 21, 2022 if they are available? Or do you all want to give $30 to get their own lunch?”

The responses were split between the Board members, three voting for an in-person luncheon and three voting for $30 to be used for a personal lunch. Board Secretary Kristina Hyatt was the only member that elaborated on their response.

“I vote…for #2 due to sickness in the community. This will allow people to make their own arrangements to eat with co-workers if they choose to do so and also still allow for those out sick to still enjoy the lunch at their convenience,” said Hyatt.

Because the vote was split, the issue was left unresolved and will be addressed at the School Board’s next meeting.

Later on, Driver sent the following text message to the Board members for their consideration:

“The CHS Student Council is hosting a BINGO fundraiser this Saturday, November 19, 2022 to earn funds towards their DC trip in the Spring. They want to know if you all would like to donate some prizes for the event.”

Five of the six Board members voted with all voting in favor. Co-Vice Chairperson Melanie Lambert did not offer a vote. The Board provided four gift cards for the fundraiser, each valued at 25 dollars.

The email poll also included a consent agenda with several resolutions involved. The Board voted to pass each of these unanimously. Chairperson Jennifer Thompson did abstain from Res. 23-113, as the individual involved is a member of her family. The passing of the agenda put forth the following:


  • 23-095 Angel Kirby approved as a 4-hour food service worker.
  • 23-096 Philip Lynn approved as a Special education teacher.
  • 23-097 Carrah Swimmer approved as a Middle School administrative assistant.
  • 23-098 Laura Walkingstick approved as a Cultural Department CHS Cherokee Arts & Crafts consultant.
  • 23-099 Aaron Hogner approved as the CHS Varsity Boys Basketball Head Coach.
  • 23-100 Ahlisha Stephens approved as the Middle School Girls Basketball Head Coach.
  • 23-101 Taylor Brooks approved as the Varsity Indoor Track Head Coach.
  • 23-102 Seth Ledford approved as a Varsity Wrestling Assistant Coach.
  • 23-103 Tsalidi Sequoyah approved as a Athletics Volunteer.
  • 23-104 Ann Gardner approved as the CHS Varsity Women’s Basketball Head Coach.
  • 23-105 Paige Stamper approved as a CHS Varsity Women’s Basketball volunteer.
  • 23-106 Mike Winchester approved as the High School Wrestling Head Coach.
  • 23-107 Pam Bryant approved as a CHS Varsity Women’s Basketball Assistant Coach.
  • 23-108 Miranda Stamper approved as a Middle School Basketball Assistant Coach.
  • 23-109 Jack Gloyne approved as the CHS JV Boys Basketball Head Coach.
  • 23-110 Jason Littlejohn approved as a CHS JV Boys Basketball Assistant Coach.
  • 23-111 Erin Kirkland approved as the Middle School Wrestling Head Coach.
  • 23-112 Dwayne Lossiah approved as a CHS Varsity Boys Basketball Assistant Coach.
  • 23-113 Caroline Hyatt approved as a CHS Varsity Women’s Basketball Assistant Coach.
  • 23-114 Phillip Ayers approved as a CES Social Emotional Learning Consultant.

The CCS Board of Education consists of Chairperson Jennifer Thompson; Co-Vice Chairs Tara Reed-Cooper and Melanie Lambert; Secretary Kristina Hyatt; and Board members Berdie Toineeta and Regina Ledford Rosario. Tribal Council is involved with the Board through Yellowhill Rep. T.W. Saunooke.

The next meeting of the School Board is set for Monday, Dec. 5, at 4:45 p.m. Meetings are held in the administrative offices at Cherokee Central Schools. These meetings are open to the public unless there is a call for an executive session.