EBCI Extension announces garden contest winners

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Submitted by EBCI Cooperative Extension

The EBCI N.C. Cooperative Extension Office conducted its 2021 Annual Garden Judging Contest the second week of July this year.

“It is an enjoyable week each year for us, we get to see the hard work many of you put into growing your own food,” Ronald “Chumper” Walker, EBCI N.C. Cooperative Extension director, said in a statement.  “We know the past year and a half has been difficult for many.  Our office continues to stress the importance of food security.  As we all have seen over those 18 months, the food supply chain is more fragile than many believed.”

Walker continued, “Worker shortages in the areas of agriculture, processing, shipping, and retail created supply issues.  Increased demand with people hoarding food and supplies created increased demand on stressed supply.  We encourage all our families and community members to make efforts to supplement their food needs by growing fruits, vegetables, raising chickens for eggs, and/or small-scale meat production.”

Walker addressed one possible issue.  “Not all community members have land to raise a garden or the equipment to maintain it.  With this in mind, our office has and will continue to teach alternative gardening such as raised bed planting.”

Following are the 2021 winners in the various categories (contact your Community Club to receive your certificate and checks will be mailed soon):

Big Cove Community

Youth Conventional: Ani Adeyah Bradley, first place

Organic 60-69: Mary Bernice Bottchenbaugh, first place

Organic 18-59: Marvin Thomas Bradley Jr., first place

Family Garden: Thomas David Bradley, first place

Conventional 18-59: Tommy Bradley, first place; Vita Nations, second place

Conventional 80-89: Sadie Bradley, first place

Big Y Community

Youth Conventional: Kinley Crowe, first place; Jessilyn Tipto-Lambert, second place; Kimbo Crowe, third place

Youth Organic: Scarlett Bradley, first place

Family Garden: Tara Reed, first place

Conventional 70-79: Charlotte George, first place

Birdtown Community

Youth Conventional: Leighton George

Conventional 18-59: Tyler Ledford, first place

Conventional 60-69: Lloyd Danny Owle, first place

Conventional 70-79: Nellie Lambert Washington, first place; Aylyne Stamper, second place

Conventional 80-89: John Haigler, first place; Bill Wolfe, second place

Cherokee County

Youth Organic: Gabriel Swimmer, first place

Conventional 18-59: John Walker, first place

Conventional 60-69: Hazel Marie Nations, first place; Brenda Cook, second place

Conventional 70-79: Irene Mathis, first place; Louise Davenport, second place


Family: Dewayne Lossiah, first place

Conventional 80-89: Geraldine Thompson, first place


Conventional 60-69: William Brown, first place

Conventional 70-79: J.C. Wachacha, first place

Tow String

Conventional 18-59: Samantha Cole, first place

Family Garden: Raymond Mathews, first place


Conventional 60-69: Barry Reed, first place

Organic 70-79: Eddie Welch, first place

Community Garden: Mary Jackson, first place

Organic 60-69: Wilson Oocumma, first place; Patricia Oocumma, second place


Conventional 60-69: William Russell Smith, first place

Conventional 70-79: John Long, first place

Conventional 80-89: Ella Lee Lossiah, first place

3200 Acre Tract

Conventional 60-69: Connie Rose, first place

Organic 70-79: Amy Walker, first place