Unofficial Results for the 2021 EBCI Primary Election

by Jun 3, 2021Front Page, NEWS ka-no-he-da


Following are the unofficial results, as per the EBCI Board of Elections, for the 2021 Primary Election for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (names in bold advance to the General Election):

Big Cove School Board

Lavita Hill 54

Kristina Hyatt 51

Karen French-Browning 31

Damian Solis 15

Lori Taylor 4


Birdtown School Board

Melanie Lambert 189

Ashford Smith 169

Ray Long 153

Bree Stamper 34


Birdtown Tribal Council

Boyd Owle 283

Albert Rose 262

Cyndi Lambert 214

Gloria “Punkin” Griffin 157

Robin Lambert 76

Jacob George 38

Gilbert Crowe 33


Wolftown School Board

Berdie Toineeta 183

Isaac Long 137

Harland Squirrell 21


Wolftown Tribal Council

Bo Crowe 346

Bill Taylor 154

Chelsea Taylor-Saunooke 150

Jesse Sneed 120

Sam Reed 88


Yellowhill Tribal Council

David Wolfe 119

Tom Wahnetah 89

T.W. (Price) Saunooke 58

Stephanie Saunooke French 39

Shannon Ross 36

Christopher Reed 32

(Write-In) Elvia Walkingstick 31


The following communities did not have enough candidates for a Primary and all candidates listed below advance to the General Election:

Big Cove Tribal Council

Patrick Hill

Richard French

Teresa McCoy


Painttown Tribal Council

Tommye Saunooke

Dike Sneed

Bentley Tahquette


Cherokee Co./Snowbird Tribal Council

Adam Wachacha

Bucky Brown

William A. “Billy” Brown

Janell Rattler