Cherokee Fitness Complex to be open 24 hours starting in June

by May 7, 2021COMMUNITY sgadugi



One Feather Staff


Beginning in June, patrons of the Cherokee Fitness Complex will be able to work out literally any time of the day or night.  The Complex is starting 24-hour access, a move manager Damian Solis is excited about.

“Our target open date is the first week of June,” Solis said of their start to a 24-hour access plan.  “Pretty much everything will be open except for the pool, the smoothie bar, and the front-desk area.”

Beginning in June, patrons of the Cherokee Fitness Complex will be able to work out literally any time of the day or night by checking in with a facial recognition system, as shown in the photo. (SCOTT MCKIE B.P./One Feather photo)

Patrons will gain access to the Complex through a facial recognition system at the front of the building.  There is a one-time $20 initiation fee to get set up in the system.

“Enrolled members will still be able to access the facility for free during regular business hours,” said Solis who noted that those seeking the 24-hour access will be charged $25/month for each member and $15/month for children 12-17.  That fee is for everyone, EBCI tribal members and non-members.

He did note they are running a special whereby you can purchase a six-month membership and receive one month free or purchase a yearlong membership and receive three months free.

“I consider it a big achievement for the program and the Tribe overall,” said Solis.  “We’ve been working on it for awhile – working with IT and Finance getting everything set up.”

The Complex will not be staffed after regular hours, but some extra security cameras have been placed throughout the facility.  “That’s how we’re going to start out, and hopefully everyone will be respectful about everything.”

Solis said he hopes going to a 24-hour access model will expand their market as well.  “With the casino growing and expanding, that’s a target market we’re trying to reach.  That’s one of the biggest requests we get – is to go to 24-hour access.  They can go to Bryson City or they can go to Sylva, but they don’t have the amenities that we have as far as our equipment.”

He noted that this access will also work well for administrative days, holidays, snow days, or other days where the regular Complex would be closed.  “That way, you could just come on in.  One of our biggest complaints is the hours.  So, I feel this will be a way to reduce a lot of the complaints…I think it will be great for everyone in the community.”

For more information, contact the Cherokee Fitness Complex 359-6494