CCS to remain virtual until March

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In a 5-to-1 vote this week, the Cherokee Central Schools (CCS) Board of Education chose to remain entirely virtual until at least Monday, March 15.

In place of its traditional in-person meeting, the Board conducted the decisions via email poll from Feb. 1 to Feb. 2.

The Board narrowed its options to students returning on Feb. 22 or March 15. CCS teachers are due back much earlier, as was stated in the mass email to the Board.

‘Plans are to bring Teachers back next week (2/8/21) with Administration working closely with those that need more time before returning. We will be following all Protocols in making sure everyone is safe, as well as continue to monitor numbers, and if necessary, make changes should anything occur.’

Big Y Rep. Tara Reed-Cooper was the lone vote for a February start. Painttown Rep. Regina Ledford Rosario, Birdtown Rep. Gloria Griffin, Wolftown Rep. Isaac Long, Yellowhill Rep. Jennifer Thompson, and Big Cove Rep. Karen French-Browning voted in favor of a March reopening.

The decision may not be the final outcome, as increased COVID-19 numbers in Cherokee has forced the Board to delay reopening multiple times.

The Board passed the consent agenda unanimously, setting forth the following:

•Sebastien Brun approved as Varsity Men’s Soccer Assistant Coach.

•Shannon Smith approved as a Cherokee Middle School (CMS) Substitute Teacher.

•Cristina Forsyth approved as a CMS Substitute Teacher.

•Gerri Grady approved as a Cherokee Elementary School (CES) Teacher Assistant.

•Teresa Rodgers approved as a CES Teacher Assistant.

The Board voted down a resignation retraction that was sent in on Jan. 27. With the Board also considering a letter submitted by the employee’s superior, the vote was 5-1 opposed to the resignation retraction. Rep. Griffin was the lone vote in favor.

The Board had two more pieces of business in the poll. One approved an updated job description for the Property and Supply Clerk/Teacher Assistant position. The other was reducing the minimum number of training hours required annually for Board members from 40 to 12.

The CCS Board of Education meets every two weeks, with email polls being the virtual replacement for the time being.