LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Upset with price for diabetic syringes 

by Nov 23, 2020OPINIONS


I find it very disturbing that the Cherokee pharmacy charges 10x the usual amount for diabetic syringes. I am a diabetic and usually buy my supplies at Walmart however wanting to shop local and not feeling well I went to Cherokee pharmacy. They told me because of the drug use here they were charging the high prices. I and other diabetics don’t deserve that kind of treatment! The cost of supplies is already high but 10x is ridiculous! I will be taking my business elsewhere. Thought you should be aware of this issue.

Teresa K. Desjardins

Soco Creek

Editor’s Note: The Cherokee One Feather called Cherokee Pharmacy and asked for pricing on their diabetic syringes. They did not have the brand Ms. Desjardins reported having purchased at Walmart and did say the brand they carry is $10 for a ten-pack. Upon contacting the Walmart Pharmacy in Sylva, we were told that the Reli-On brand that she reported purchasing was $1.15 for a ten-pack.