SPEAKING OF FAITH: Fear can be real, or the Devils’ false evidence appearing real

by Nov 20, 2020OPINIONS





Read Proverbs 3: 24-26

“We are known as the saints of the Most High God,” explained Rev. Melton.  “However, because we live in a fallen world, we are subject to some fears, cautionary real ones, and can be tested by those not real.  Everyone should know that a cautionary fear can be a good and real thing.  If one is standing on the edge of a 1,000 foot cliff, it would be an appropriate fear to have, because of the real possibility of slipping and falling.  Or, if someone is standing outside and hollering, ‘There’s a lion out here!  Get back in the house!’  That would not be the time to ignore the warning.  We’d actually be appreciative of the warning, wouldn’t we?

“Now, if there is a ‘sudden’ fear, we should also understand, ‘sudden’ fears always bring to us a ‘fear’ from very real devils, although the fears they bring are only False Evidence Appearing Real.  They can bring them to us, using their ‘whispered suggestions’.  Sudden fears come as with an unexpected sound of a late-night phone call, waking us up from a sound sleep; or a notice from the IRS of a ‘sudden’ unexpected audit; or any ‘what if’s’ we may ‘suddenly’ think, as we notice a person coming out of darkness, in a threatening manner, starting towards us.

“‘What ifs…?’ seem to stoke our minds or emotions into a worry mode and then  brings us fear we believe and allow to come into our emotional life.  For this reason, we must deal with all fears right away, or the unchecked fears leading to worry, can cause worries to greatly increase and escalate into anxiety.  

“Whenever devils see unchecked worries, they go ‘fishing’.  They will then try to feed us more of them through diabolical ‘suggestions and lies’ which we may listen to and believe.  We begin taking them in, and swallowing them ‘hook, line and sinker’.  We also may believe these thoughts were our very own thoughts, not the devil’s.    Once allowed into our minds, they can create a very real, destructive anxiety that can causes physical symptoms, like raised blood pressure, or worse.  Not dealing with them from the start, can only increase the physical damage.  With full-blown oppression by these devils and pushed-down our throats, they can cause us to go from anxiety attacks into a very real depression.

“To help us combat these fears that the devil uses, God can, as a ‘barometric-like indicator’ use those devils’ same perceived fears in order for us to see where our faith in Him may still be weak.  Whenever I am worried, it shows I may not have enough faith or trust in Him.  There are no exceptions.  It shows us where there is a lack of faith in God.  We need to recognize these ‘sudden’ diabolical fears and worries.  ‘Be careful of nothing, don’t worry.’  Philippians 4:6.  In Hebrew, just one of the many facets of His Great Character is given in His Name, Jehovah Nissi, meaning,  ‘His Banner Over Us Is Love.’  Another is Jehovah Jireh, meaning “Our Provider.”  Jehovah T’sidkenu, means ‘Our Rignteousness.’  Isn’t that wonderful?  Just saying His Names can bring is His Shalom.  Jehovah Shalom, means ‘Our Peace.’”

“Our very real and sincere prayers are the way we can, by ‘reminding’ God (He tells us to do this, so we know to ask Him.)   What He wants and what we need, especially when we need His warring angels surrounding and protecting us, reminds us  that He is Our God and we are His people.  He tells us this (in Isaiah 45:11).

“(Read Matthew 6:25-34).  Reading His Word aloud, He actually speaks our futures into existence through our own voices. Our reading His Word aloud, He speaks this out into the atmosphere of Earth.  Read Philippians 4:13 and 1 Peter 5:7-11 for what we are to always say in answer as our Truth.  He is a Good God.  He also wants us to be His in His Power, Love, and of a Sound Mind.   God has obligated Himself to fulfill His Word.  What God has said, we are to declare.  Whom shall we fear?  Psalm 27:1  He has set us on His Rock.  Don’t ever collapse in fear.  Declare the Glory of the Lord.  He speaks to the storm and it has to obey.  Know what He knows.  The devil is a liar and a thief, owing us seven times what he has stolen from us!