SPEAKING OF FAITH: Keeping him with us 

by Nov 13, 2020OPINIONS





“The Holy Ghost operating at church is the same Personage, wanting to participate as an invited and helpful member of our own family households.  He wants to live with us, flowing into our situations and homes, thereby helping us in ‘knowing’ His Presence.  He can be there all the time with us wherever we each may go.  Whether it be in the garage or grocery store, at school or work, or at church, we can acknowledge Him and even ‘feel’ Him in the atmosphere of Peace that surrounds us.  Knowing He is there as our Helper, Defender, Night Protector, Advisor, Life Coach and Friend really does help.  

“If the only time one is with the Holy Ghost is in church, or Sunday school, even when one may feel a “chill” as when the choir is singing, why is that?  It has been written to us in His Word, that once invited by us, ‘He will never leave us nor forsake us.’  He never lies.  It is written in His Word as a forever Promise,” reminds Pastor Melton.  “The same God can show up on Tuesday morning in one’s kitchen, even in Saturday night’s living room, wherever or whenever.  He really does want that to happen.  It can come to be as people get over ‘the thinking that I‘m just a Christian.’  Is one just visiting Him at the church, or asking Him to come in and live with us in our homes?  Why not?  He knows our futures and can help us by filling in the gaps of what we may be only thinking we know, or of what may be really coming at us.  

“The world,’ it has been told us, ‘is becoming darker and more dangerous for people.  Am not attacking anyone, but the same God at church does not want to remain there only for church people, or just left to occupy a church building.  Our God is big enough to accompany each one asking Him, and He’s willing and able to be there for them.  He is a Gentleman only waiting to be asked.  We must ask, or risk not being a part of His Plan in what He’s doing now.  Now is the time.  God will not ask anyone for anything that He’s not begun providing them with already.  Indeed, we need to look at it as an investment in time, money, and even study, not to see this ‘time’ as an expense.  God sees this as worthwhile.  Our every investment pays us in benefitting dividends.

Stated Pastor Melton, “There are benefits that I know belong to me, in having Him with me at all times, and I know a Visitation will lead to a Habitation with us, for me and my family.  Our God is on the move.  His Plan is to be moving us from Glory, to Glory,” Pastor Melton added.   “Holy Spirit knows we may not be understanding what this new season is bringing to everyone in the Church, and how it is so necessary to renew our thinking to His way of carrying His Presence to others.  I know what He’s done in my life.  We should not be judging others, but we need to understand this season will bring a change in all of us and how each can participate.  We also must remember that the price of our Anointing is also our consistency.

“In Acts 13:1-12, we read that we are to minister to the Lord, FIRST, by our fasting and praying.  In trying to make such a ‘timely’ investment, we need to be spending time with Jesus, until His ‘Fragrance’ permeates even our being.  We are to begin by ministering to the Lord, FIRST.  His Name, Emmanuel, means ‘God is with us’, so we acknowledge Him FIRST.  Our time of ministering, is not about our own lives, it is spent in ministering to God, Himself, so He may fill us up with His Words, and actions, which should bring about our own obedience.  Tell them, each one, ‘I love them,’ He added.  “We are here to celebrate what Jesus is doing or has already done, and worship Him, not to be in Church for our own entertainment.

“Being a Christian, gets us into His Presence so the ‘blinders’ on other’s hearts can be removed.  Read 2 Corinthians 3:14-18.  When a person turns their heart toward Him, their face begins to shine.  Him glorified, removes the veil on full-time Christians!  Shout over Him!  We are enforcers on this Earth.  ‘Occupy until I come!’  Jesus taught.