COMMENTARY: Walls and performance evaluations…

by Nov 13, 2020OPINIONS



Observations and random thoughts.




How do you feel about stimulus? When you get as old as me, and you cannot stand anything about coffee, nothing, taste, smell, sight, and electric shock is outta the question, it seems that only the color green is good stimulus. Well, ask and ye shall receive. For those that live in a cave and have their current event mule-packed in, the EBCI home page has an application that will soon vanish, for applying for a dose of COVID relief dollars. I saw that and so, I am now stimulated and highly motivated. You should be also. If only to have extra money for gummies.

Has anyone been watching the COVID Football League AKA the NFL? This is a very strange season, games were postponed due to infected players. Players are dropping like flies due to injuries. Tom Brady is running the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense now and sometimes looks very much like an undrafted rookie from a D-III school. Coaches are wearing masks but still hold their play sheets up to their faces to prevent lip-reading which is odd and danged funny to view. Most teams are playing to empty houses except for teams in red states with lax restrictions who play in front of sparse audiences. It’s gonna be a not-so Super Bowl, if there is one.   

Sports news. The NBA has stated that they will start the new season on December 22. The NBA Draft will be held on November 22. ???? What! Why? I drive back and forth through heavy traffic anymore because people aren’t staying home. What the heck is going on? Is there anyone out there that remembers a thing, a very deadly thing running loose amongst us called Covid-19? Sure you wanna get back out there and do stuff but at what cost? It’s oddly funny that I actually wanna slow down, I’m very tired, people make me tired, the TV and newspapers make me tired. 

I was thinking about all of this current stuff the other day. Here it is. The last four years have been a reality show called Apprentice: White House. The current contestant tried using his less than successful business acumen to run the country. No good. It was unwatchable. All contrived drama, no substance, had a lotta comedy though. Except for die-hard viewers, this show was an utter and complete failure. At the end the ratings were dismal. We now have a new show about to premier in January. It’s called READY, SET, JOE! I can’t wait. In reality, hah! See what I did there? In actuality, I won’t watch this program either.

We’re nearing 245,000 Americans deceased of complications due to the coronavirus and our leader seems to have called it a day. Joe Biden has stated that his first priority is to work to protect us. It is as I feared, until Biden’s inauguration, we are on our own. So, be safe, stay away from the maskless. 

OK, I’m done. 

Ledford is a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians currently residing in Albuquerque, N.M.