SPEAKING OF FAITH: Faith has won our victory

by Sep 19, 2020OPINIONS





All scripture references are from the Holy Bible in the King James Version,

Read Romans 8:28-30

“All things, yes, everything has already been declared as a ‘victory’ for us, according to His Word.  We have only to believe this,” emphasized Rev. Melton.  “The ‘victorious battle of faith’ has already been won by our placing our faith in Him.  He has already said, it is in knowing ‘His victory’ also has been given to us who are His.”  

“Knowing the enemy has already been defeated, and the outcome has been predetermined, we are victorious even before any battle of faith has been waged.  It’s already a sure thing.  We are to fight in faith ‘from’ our victory, not ‘for’ our victory.  

The battle is to ‘believe’ the fight has ended, even before it has started.  It was, and still is, ‘a done deal.’  Hold fast, God has already won it.  He has said it.  Believe Him and what He’s said, because we don’t ‘work it out’.  We ‘work,’ through our faith in Him, because, with our faith ‘working’, believing Him, our faith ‘works’ every time.  The outcome has been predetermined.  Hallelujah!  We can agree with that!”

Read Deuteronomy 20:1a, 4

“In theory we know this, but perhaps, in reality, we aren’t always quite sure,” said Rev.  Melton.  “If I keep my eyes on Him, looking at Him, I will always land on my feet.”  

Read Romans 8:26-27

“As found in verse 26, if this weakness should show up, just reading through verse 28 again, can help.  It causes our ‘faith work to arise’, raising our faith level in Him, by realizing, once more, ‘it’s’ already a ‘done deal.’  When the enemy does show up, we need to realize the enemy already knows he’s been defeated, and still, he fights.  So should we.  The enemy is always a liar.  Box his ears with your words of faith in the Lord!  This ‘works up’ our faith in Him, too.  ‘Faith cometh by hearing’…we are the winners!’  explained Pastor Melton.

Read Romans 8:37 (KJV)

“‘All things’ are going to work together for good.  ‘Nay in all these things,’ get specific, ‘we are more than conquerors,’  added Rev. Melton. “This happens to bring the Glory so it can be seen upon my face.  Glory, His very Presence, can bring to us a godly jealousy, showing that ‘all things’ are working out.  Glory is in the healing, not in the sickness.  By the whole thing, there is Glory in the life of a believer.  Look at Job’s life.’

“There were more troubles for him than most of us could have ever handled.  Practically, everything that could happen, happened.  All of his children, their homes, servants, cattle, were lost, even their crops.  Then, there were boils grossly covering his very skin, add in a not very understanding wife, and friends, who were more like enemies.  Nothing made him sin against his God, for he still blessed and worshipped God. (Job 1:20-22.). Job had Glory in his life even after he had lost everything.”

“God turned Job’s life around and gave him back double for all his troubles.  God has our back.  We win.  He can bring mighty things into our lives.  With the garment of praise, the spirit of heaviness goes out the door.  All to His Glory!  We win!  The end has already been written down!”

“With garments of praise, we can become His ‘trees of righteousness,’ so He might be glorified.  We’re going through because the battle has already been won by Him.  The anointing came to His disciples even as Jesus came to them walking on the water.  The five thousand were fed as Jesus prayed the ‘not enough food’ be blessed until it was multiplied in the disciples’ hands.  This is Who He is.

“Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were tossed into the firey furnace, when they refused to worship the golden image. Daniel was left overnight to survive in the lions’ den, for worshipping God. Jonah was swallowed whole by the whale and vomited up on the shore near Nineveh just to preach the greatest revival given in the Old Testament.  God finished your life in a book before you ever were!  He’s done all the fighting we will need.

Read Isaiah 58:8-14

“The battle always belongs to the LORD.  I am a winner, for when I call now, the LORD answers.  Light breaks forth, health springs forth speedily, and the Glory of the LORD is to be my rereward,” added Pastor Melton