SPEAKING OF FAITH: Trust in God and stay close to him 

by Aug 31, 2020OPINIONS





Read Daniel 6:1-28; Mark 4:35-36

“There is now a concerted effort to stop the Church, using the pandemic as an obstruction or an excuse. It can be held also by governments, or ordinances, but this is really is the devil’s assignment on this most powerful entity in the world, the Church.” announced Rev. Melton.  “The pandemic is a world-wide attack, more than ever before.  With the pandemic, we are now hearing how many churches have been told, even in this country, that we are ‘to quit singing,’ ‘to quit praising God.’

“South Korea, having the largest church in the world, finds the government trying to silence them with the concerns of the spread of the pandemic.  This virus is not from any church, nor could this disease ever be from God.  (Sicknesses and diseases could only have been stolen from the devil’s hell, Rev. Melton explained, “because there are no sicknesses or diseases in heaven.) ‘It is satan,’ according to Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, ‘for the devil has no new tricks.’”

“Yes, we also hear often the offensive and accusational name-calling of others as being a ‘racist’ being thrown about, but why is that?  Could it be that people using that highly offensive word even seem to be calling people ‘they might just disagree with’, a ‘racist’?  That’s actually not a word we should be calling anyone, especially when it could be untrue and so dangerous for everyone.  Others who witness the name-calling, usually only see the person calling someone that, as being ‘hate-filled’ themselves, and tend to leave the room or ignore their rant.

“We are all members of the same race—the ‘human race’.  “Racism’ always was, and still is, considered as a showing of the worst kind of hatred, a hatred usually born out of a lack of willingness to treat others with respect.  It is so ugly a word to all of us, because we were all made in the Image of God, who is Love.  Love can thus be found in all peoples.  This always confounds and confuses the devil and his followers.  Why ever does anyone try to do the devil’s ‘evil work’ for him?  This is what those type of ‘hateful fighting’ words really are.  They are his concoctions of poison and his repeated ‘suggestions’ to which a person is listening.

“God’s Image inside of each of us is what the devil hates…so he hates all of us, especially those who also love and worship God.  Has anyone else realized that those who really are ‘racist’ are only on their way to becoming the devil’s own tool he uses against every other human being.  Christians are hated because we are supposed to ‘forever remain a quiet target,’ and are especially hated by the devil, when we’re not.  The devil is not coming against you, so don’t take it personal.  Any detrimental law that might get passed is not against you, but against the God in you.  Christians should always choose to respect each person—it is a God-given right to do so, and is the only way to countermand the devil’s mean streak and stand up to one’s accuser.  It is the devil’s plan to set everyone against everyone else.  He loves us to fight amongst ourselves.  Trying to always speak and act with dignity and gracious speech is the best way to win any ‘battle.’  No one should get hurt.  A person can remain at peace if they choose to learn to follow Jesus’ way of answering evil words and accusations. He always ‘stood for’ and remained true to Himself.  What courage He displayed by going through even His ‘so-called’ trial, standing silent although accused, the unbearable beatings, abuse and then the inhumane crucifixion.  He stood with such inner strength and was still able to show such compassion for the thief who called Him ‘Lord. And’ at such a time!”

“Troubles are coming into this world, but Our God is a Deliverer. The ‘Lion of Judah’ is the only ‘Lion’.  That is real!  Worry only shows a lack of Faith in Him.  Worry is the devil’s ‘suggestion.’ Ignore suggestions. God will shut his ‘like a roaring lion’s’ mouth.  After all, God shut all the lions’ mouths and kept Daniel safe.” Added Pastor Melton, ‘Give God the opportunity to be God while praying for all people.  They can become ‘family, our brothers and sisters of all creeds, colors and ethnicities’.  Remember, the world is now truly scared.”