COMMENTARY: We have all been here before….

by Aug 27, 2020OPINIONS


Observations and random thoughts. 



I’ve watched the highlights of both Democrat and Republican conventions and the contrast is truly amazing. When speaking about the coronavirus one side discussed the effects of the virus on families and the nation and a plan to survive and re-start, the other ignored the victims and talked about Covid-19 as if it’s all in our rear view mirrors and then praised the Boss. I’ll say this, I’m not a scientist but I most definitely am not ignorant. When a vaccine becomes as available to Americans as the influenza vaccine then I’ll breathe easy. Until then, it’s not going to simply vanish.   

It’s become surreal having to search for my mask if I want to walk down the hall to the restroom. It’s called the “new normal”. Funny, people keep talking about when life gets back to normal and I’m thinking that to me, this IS now normal. I may never take this mask off. Not just for the Covid, people in general lately are simply lax and disgusting. Especially Duke fans, they have awful breath. And their mothers dress them funny.  

I’m looking at the stimulus assistance criteria for Eastern Cherokee living off Rez. Not much available that I qualify for. No funds being diverted to per capita…bummer…I’m too old to have any kids to claim and my boys are being selfish and won’t loan me a grandson. I’m considered too “essential” to stay at home so I gotta get out there and work and apparently I make too much to qualify anyway. As a result I’ve invented my own protective gear for when I go to the store and score needed items like chips, ice cream and toilet paper. I’ll be wearing a full-face mask, goggles and helmet, I’ll be carrying my Lysol spray can set to full auto (self-defense!) and I’ll have oscillating fans attached to both shoulder pads to blow Covid breath back to the anti-maskers (and Duke fans). It will all be painted black to instill fear and wariness. I’m starting to resemble an Oakland/Las Vegas Raider fanatic. Didn’t say fan. 

I wrote of a milestone last time, 150,000 fatalities. We hit that and are now nearing 180,000 deaths so quickly it made my head spin. People can’t get it through their minds that this pandemic is the real deal even as it decimates us. I say us because the communities that are ravaged the most by this are Native, Black, Hispanic and Asian people. Maybe that’s why Trump doesn’t seem to care, he thinks that only people who won’t vote for him are being affected so it’s no big deal. Hey, he believes in conspiracy theories and so do I.

The Sturgis Bike Rally that happened in South Dakota did as expected and exceeded 250,000 people. Some wore masks, most didn’t. These people and others should be willing to sign a waiver stating that when they eventually come down with the coronavirus and get sick, they won’t call 911 or run to the ER and endanger our health professionals who are overwhelmed and over-worked already. This should be on them. I don’t have any sympathy for people who lose playing Russian roulette, I have none for these people. Funny, I still like Harleys but the folks that ride them, not so much anymore.

OK, I’m done. I’m gonna start wearing a head-to-toe Jedi robe and a serious mask. I think…Darth Vader. Laugh if you want, I’ll deal with all of the Jar Jars running about and I’ll still be around to remember. See ya soon, ya’ll be safe folks.

Ledford is a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians currently residing in Albuquerque, N.M.